Thursday, December 30, 2004

This advertisement is funny

If you want to advertise for a airticket sale website, here is one of the examples. I can't help laughing until the last minute.

Animal died far less

No one count the bodies of the animals after the tsunami. It will be amazing if people can find the exact dead body of animals and compare it with the humans.
AP reported that wildlife officials in Sri Lanka expressed surprise Wednesday that they found no evidence of large-scale animal deaths from the weekend's massive tsunami. The report quoted a hotel owner, saying that the animal may have a six sense. That can not be proved now. But I would like to argue that human has the six sense, also, though we always miss it or neglect it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The high possbility of the earthquake in Tokyo

Not sure if it is true or not. But please take care.
The experts said that Tokyo will be the next country to be hit by big earthquake after Indonesia.

The professors in Tokyo University said that the possbility for Tokyo to be hit by the earthquake higher than 6.9 megarade will be 70 per cent
.(link in Chinese) Millions of people will be affected if it happens.

Wow, it will be really terrible.

The guess of Chinese telecom industry in 2005

It is a little boring if the media is full of the articles like: the best news in 2004, the most important events in 2004, because all of them has already happened. Why not predict the future in 2005, and then verify it at the end of the year? It is like gambling, but you will win if you know the skill.
(1) MII will distribute 3G license to the operators or not next year? If so, how many and what standard?
This is the long dispute in China when 3G developed. My guess is that the license should be distributed next year according to the many actions happened recently. But it is hard to say how many. If I have to say, I think it should be two or four, depending if the four main operators will merge to two. TDSCDMA will be applied in a small part, with WCDMA and CDMA2000 be applied as well.
(2) IP TV will be a major development for the fixed line operators, that are China Telecom and China Netcom. China Telecom has already provide the service called "Inter Sky" to provide data and infos via broadband. China Netcom has invited the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch to be the independent director, which certainly shows its ambitious plan to enter into media fields. IPTV is the best way to implement their plan without offending the authority.
(3) China Telecom and China Netcom would like to share the profit with the other two, China Mobile and Unicom, in the mobile phone service. The source in China Telecom said that they would order the mobile phone less than 1000 RMB to provide the voice service, if they get the 3G license. The price fight can not be avoided, which will benefit the customers. But the authority may be reluctant to see that.
(4) Telecom manufacturers could still enjoy the contract with main operators. Until now, ZTE and Huawei has extended their business to overseas market, partly showing they can't compete with the foreign tycoons in the local market. l
(5) Local content providers should focus on other business instead of SMS. The market has so many competitors and a major merge may appear to syndicate the sources.
(6) A great chang of high officials will happen in MII and other operators.

Anyway, it is just my personal guess based on my understanding...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

the leading TV producer faces great unpaid accounts with a US company

New York Times published an article today about the Chinese leading TV producer and exporter's great loss due to the huge unpaid accounts with a US company named Apex Digital.(Not a responsible website because many links are dead)

Apex has been the major US cooperator with Changhong, the biggest TV producer in China since 2001. According to the data from Changhong, Alex has not paid the $480 million(not billion, thanks for Fon's tips) dollars for the export product of Chang Hong until now. That's part of the reason the CEO of the Apex digital, JI Longfen, is jailed by the police from the Sichuan provice, where Chang Hong is based.
The stock trading of Chang Hong has been closed yesterday. The spokeman said the reason was that ChangHong will release the report with great loss that day.

It is not the news to many insiders who are familiar with the development of Chang Hong. In July, the magazine Caijing has already published an article about the leaving of the company's creator, Ni Runfeng. The article has implied that the new management will take action against its debt, than implied, in some extent, the news today. Five month, is a right time for the new management familiar with all the relations and prepare for the actions.

If it is true that Mr. Ji, the CEO of Apex, was jailed in Sichuan now, Changhong has obviously made up its mind to settle the unpaid amount with Apex. But what is harder is how it can compete with the other counterparts in the overseas market and avoid the guilty of dumping. That's the most important thing for Changhong's future development.

The world's youngest blogger

A eleven-year-old girl who set up a video blog under the help of her father. Hmmm, not that bad, indeed. She is relax facing the camera.
I checked the top 20 stock share losers in Hong Kong Ex and didn't find the aerospace and tourism shares as radio said today. Quite strange. Just because Hong Kong is safe?

Asian stockmarket affected by the disaster

The list of stockmarkets in several affected countries:

Colombo, Sri Lanka All share
Bursa Malaysia (the previous Kuala Lumpur, Composite Malaysia)
Jakarta Composite in Indonesia
Bankok SET in Thailand

Why no one has predicted such a terrible tsunamis?

The question has been in my mind since the tsunamis happened. I have experienced the feeling of losing the families in the earthquake, and I know the importance to tell people the happening of the disaster before hands. The technology is not that difficult to implement: see here, the method how to predict the tsunamis; see here,how scientists learn to predict the tsunamis; But why not to predict this time so that many people can leave the coast at least?

One possible reason is that scientist beliven 90 per cent of the tsunamis happen in the Pacific Ocean, but the other 10 per cent of possbility should also be emphasized because even one human life is important; The other possible reason is the local government missed(or neglected) the warning from the sources, because many affected countries are depending on the tourist industry and the time is the most busy season.

Look back to the disaster list on Reuters: Asia and Africa have been the most two frequent place for the disaster to happen; The victims are going up because of the tourists from all over the world. We have to admit we are not God.

Subscribe the RSS feed about Earthquake

If it is hard to survive in the earthquake, we should try to predict when it will happen. You can try this website provided by United States Geological Survey to subscribe the RSS feeds. In the latest Indian Ocean earthquake, the magnitude was first reported as 8.1 by the United States Geological Survey, but after further analysis they increased this first to 8.5 and 8.9 and finally 9.0.

Wikipedia published detailed introduction of the earthquake and how to donor to the victims in the earth quake.

Hope I can be helpful, in some extent. There is a word on the bbc news message board that impressed me: "We must send all available aid to Asia". Though nature is more powerful, we can do what we do to help ourselves.

I have two classmates in Indonesia and Thailand. Best wishes to them and hope they are safe.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Eve sharing

It was Christmas that made Hong Kong people stop their working and enjoy a peaceful holiday. People go to church, and enjoy the Christmas ceremony. They look back their lives in the old year, and send the good wishes to the next year. It's a pityI don't believe in God, but I do think people should have such kind of experience when the new year is coming. Here is my list:

Thanks to the professors who gave me the oppotunity to study in Hong Kong. Without them, I can't enjoy such a wonderful world as now.
Thanks to my parents, who support me without any hesitate. I owe them so much that I can't pay back in my whole life.
Thanks to my friends, who are always there to help me, to share with the experience with me, which made me not feel alone at all.

My three wishes:
same with the ones last year...

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Present

Jan(chinese blog) is so nice to share a German ecard website with me, and it is really fantanstic. You can write your wishes into the picture just as it is the real photo. I became crazy about it and spend my whole afternoon making cards for all my friends. Maybe you can try to make cards for your friends, too. But don't be that crazy like me.

Here is my card to Fons, and he asked me if it is real. Well, it is :)

to Fons

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Not only China has statistic problem

EU has called for great power of Eurostat, the European Union's statistical agency, to guarantee the quality of all the member's burgetary data, following the warning against Greece's burget promise, according to IHT.

Is there any similarity between the economic structure of EU and China? hmmm...

Three sectors worried Chinese government

A top trade official disclosed the obstacle of China's WTO comittment is local government protectionism, which may partly explain the reason for Chinese government to change the way to get the statistic.

Sun Zhenyu, the mainland's first ambassador to the World Trade Organisation, said local governments, as a whole, had been unable to fully understand the importance of abiding by WTO rules, according to SCMP.

Separately,the central government announced that the responsible authority to release the statistic of GDP will change from provincial goverment to the central statistic department. several days ago. The annoucement said that the central government will especially focus on the index of investment, agriculture and price.

Coincidentally, in the speech given by Sun Zhenyu, " Mr Sun's concerns had focused on the potentially harmful effects on sectors such as banking, insurance and agriculture", quote from SCMP.

It is not hard to imagine what will be the hot topic in mainland China in the next few years.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It is good or bad if Google make all the books readable on the Internet?

People oppose it when Google announced that it would turn all the books in several major library into the digital formet; They said it would bring problems to copyright and the damage of the valuable books. But please wait a minute: Do you see the future trends of digial book?

I have been reading the online resource to contribute to several of my term papers; I know there are many valuable books in the library. But I don't have time to go through the books one by one because I only want to know certain topics and chapters in the books. So I use "Google Scholar", which can return the exact information I want. Not only me, but also my classmates, did the same way. One day, I told myself, if we are all depending on the online resource, the content of all the paper work will disappear from people's mind in the future. Maybe our children will not know what has happened if there is no online book to tell them.

I may be afraid so much: Google has a dream to set up some digital library, so do others. So I don't need to worry about it. Copyright is the tool to protect the writers, but if nobody know the writers, why to protect them. Copyright and knowledge sharing are contradicted with each other. But knowledge is more important than the copyright in the long-term of human development.

The damage of the books is arguable, also. If nobody read the books, why spend so much money protect them? If everybody can read them online, why spend money to protect them. too? I know the books are valuable, but people's memory of the content from the books are even more valuable.

God bless digital library so that we will not forget the paper books.

Iraqi people can't sue

The veteran Chinese judge in the International law said that the Iraqi people can't sue against the United States in the International Court of Justice, the court adjudicating disputes between states.

Judge Shi Jiu yong
, the President of International Court of Justic, said that the Iraqi people can't sue in the court because they are not on behalf of the state. Even if there is a temporary government, it can not sue in the case that it is not authorised by the United Nations.

In Dec. 15, the Court has released its judgement on the
Legality of Use of Force between Serbia and other eight countries. In one judgement, it is said that Serbia and Montenegro was not a Member of the United Nations in 1999 and, as a result, was not then a party to the Statute of the Court.

It makes me remind of the book
The Lexus and the Olive Tree wrote by Friedman. States should be last line of defense to protect the people.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hong Kong 3G operators are running after each other, who will win?

Smartone has become the second 3G operator, in the competition with CSL, another carries who yelled to be the second, while the previous, sole 3G operator, Hutchson, is still struggling to earn more.

Smartone has done a good job on their website with detailed introduction of the new service, while CSL still advertises its Christmas discount of 2G phone. Except for the normal service like music and wallpaper, Smartone has done a good job to provide business news of Dow Jones. But I would like to remind that the direct news from the news wires always makes people confused. I am one of the example when subscribing to the Reuters.

I guess Smartone can do a better job than CSL in the coming future, while the two will both experience a hard time to make money. By the way, why every Hong Kong operators use the same or almost same tariff to charge the users? They are always based on the time, on the data volume, but don't they forget what they provide is the content? Why not using charging on content? (Wow, it is one of my favorite charging principles, but unfortunately, the billing system should be perfect enough)

GDP will be released by the national adminstration

The central stastic government will release the GDP data, include all the provinces, from 2005. It will especially focus on the index of investment, agriculture and price. (link in Chinese)

The number of GDP in China has been a great benchmark these years, though not many outsiders enquiries its validity. Part of the reason is due to the fault or error in the provincial statistics. Fortunately, they have paid attention to it.

But the question is how much money and human resource can they spend to detailedly record the national statistics?

Sunday, December 19, 2004

speculate RMB's revaluation on the Chinese Art market

Chinese Art market is more and more popular these days. One of the famour Art companies called RongBaoZhai has held its autumn auction forum, where the trade money has been up to 100 million RMB(about 12 million USD) in the morning of Dec. 18. (Link in Chinese).
It is hard to imagine how many of the bidders are interested in the art, but some funds speculated at the ravulation of RMB are joining the auction, aiming at taking advantage of the revaluation of RMB in the future.
It is reported that the average auction amount for Chinese art market per year is about 3 billion RMB(about 360million USD). I assume that the number will be up to four times in 2004, according to the latest market trends. It will bring great pressure to RMB in short-term, though the foreign reservce is up to 100 billion USD in China.
There is two way to solve the problem: One is the Chinese government intefere with the market as they did in the property field, but it is hard; The other is to suggest the Chinese bidders to buy foreign art work to balance the exchange rate. But it seems that not many people are interested in the foreign art work now. They are still going after the Chinese art work now. One example is a tycoon in Tianjin has bought the stamp of the latest rocket launching signed by the astaurant, in the price of 2.2 million RMB.
The latest edition of Businessweek showed a story the reason why collectors are crazy for Chinese art. It is a pity that he only referred to the collectors' interest in the art work, without mentioning the purpose of some speculators.

Paper was created for the purpose of packaging and cleaning

Paper was first created for the purpose of packaging and cleaning instead of writing, according to one of the senior engineers in China. (link in Chinese)
The first type of paper is hard to write, because it is made up of hemp. It is hard for the ancient people to write in ink. At that time, people found it is convenient to use the hemp paper to package stuffs. Also, they use the paper for the clearing after the human excreting.
The two function of the paper pushed the usage of the paper, and then people created the silk paper for writng, which is recorded in the history.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Blog for Christmas.

It will be too early to say how to send out the blog posts as the Christmas gift in Hong Kong. But in the U.S., they did it. There is a website called blog4Chritmas, where you can pick your favorite blogs and send it to your family as a gift via Email every day. It looks like Emailletter has been involved in reading blogs. Not a bad idea indeed.

Memory the blog who can record the truth

A man killed a woman on the Wangfujing, recorded by the bloggers. Memorial for her.

Friday, December 17, 2004

It is right for George Soros to suggest the International Bankruptcy Law

I remember George Soros said in his book that the International Banruptcy law should be introduced to reduce the risk taken by IMF and the World Bank. But it is pity that Yukos Company can't not wait for the day to come. It is irony that the US Brankruptcy Court ordered that the sale of the company should be blocked, while Russian authorities didn't care. Who will be the winner of the auction? No matter who will be, he should be very happy because the price is so low. Yukos people said they should worth twice.

Another voice came when I viewed the forums in Russia. I quote some of them here:

read Financial News, this news parep once published very interesting article about Khodorkovsky, and how many "first"and last millions were dirty. And don't listen to liberals who blame Kremlin - Khodorkovsky spent over $ 300 million on propaganda after his arrest.

Anyone talking about the human right of Saddam Hussein?

He met his lawyer after being captured for a whole year. But no one cares. All the focus is on the new Iraqi election. Is that because people always think highly of new things?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dan left his newspaper

It is not the latest news, but I hope it can bring more information to the people. The interview of Dan at ohmynews. He is one of my professors here, though I don't have change to communicate much with him.

Chinese blog,or paripatory journalism, is another story.

Monday, December 13, 2004

If Chinese buy another major business from western?

Rumors said that Ningbo Bird will buy the mobile phone unit from Siemens, the German electronic company who has suffered great loss from cellular phone division. If that will be the final deal, another story will come out as the deal between Lenovo and IBM. The same problem exists, but it may be the trend.

What is the relation between Politics and Economy

Hong Kong is full of the political voices now. West Knowloon Cultural District, an intergrated art, cultrual, and entertainment district, are being discussed by people from different society classes. It definitely creates a beautiful picture for Hong Kong, and it definitely creates tons of jobs to Hong Kong people. But why they oppose to it, at least from the voice of newspaper?

Here is some quote of opposing voices from the latest South China Morning Post( not available online), the largest English newspaper in Hong Kong:

" There has been strong concern that the cultural hub could turn into another commercially driven property project."

" The government has come under fire for its insistence on building the giant canopy over the cultural district. Lord Foster believed such a design would reduce the temperature of the sheltered area, according to Kwan Pak-lam of the Civil Engineering and Development Department."

"Activists are hoping tens of thousands of people will turn out for a New Year's Day rally targeting poverty and alleged collusion between government and big business. Some of them are concerning about the West Kowloon tendering process and power to be granted to the successful bidder"

In a word, what they concern about is that businessmen will make great profit from the project, without sharing them with the poor. But businessmen are always making money, which is the soul of the city. Li Ka-shing is one of the legends in Hong Kong, who inspires people to persue their dream here. They, of course, want to make money from the government, from the employee, and the poor, just like the capital in the free global market. One of my readings these days, is "George Soros on globalizatioin". He believed that capital is the most libralised factor in the globalization. It is not wrong, but people should also focus on others, like community, law, environment and other factors, which is the responsibility of the government, in another words, relating with politics. Then my question is: Does Economy growth always go ahead of Politics? Should Politics try to catch up with Economy or inhibit instead?

Some officials from the administration scolded one of the Parties in Hong Kong, that it is attacting people's votes on the expense of inhibiting economy. Maybe he is right, but the reason is not the that Party's fault only. It is the global problem, and the two strength are fighting with each other. It is hard to say who will win at last.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lenovo's deal is at the right time

I have a dream yesterday, the content of which is about the deal of personal computer business between Lenovo and IBM. I have defended Lenovo on one of my classes. I told the audience that Lenovo would not depend on IBM's brand because it is only awarded the five-year usage of the IBM PC brand. The time is so short that Lenovo can't benefit from developing it. Instead, Lenovo will develop its own brand overseas, I said in my dream. IBM has the best sales people and resources, which can be made full use of by Lenovo. Then I woke up. I don't know why I was so excited in the dream to defend Lenovo. If I can assume the reason, it should be one, the deal itself made me excited.
It should be a tought deal as predicted by Michael Kanellos from CNET. But there's an assuming before his article, which is teh failure, or in another word, unsuccessful fact of the merging between HP and Compaq. Are the two deal same? Of course not. If we had the chance to look at the customer list between HP and Compaq, we would see the duplicate names definitely. But there will be much less same name between IBM's customer list and Lenovo's. The customer is the most important part bought by Lenovo. In the PC industry where profit rate is so low and technology is almost same, Lenove can't find its advantages to fight with HP and DELL. The deal with IBM is the best choice to expand its market to overseas.
DELL, definitely, could look down upon Lenovo, just like an adult facing a teenager. But what he can't miss is another adult, or senior citizen, behind that teenager, which is China. Globalization made the deals not simple as the ones in the old days. Product itself will not be the vital factor in the deal. Bilateral realtions is going to be replaced by multilateral ones and the negotiations are more complicated than ever before. Lenovo spends three years to plan today's deal. It can still wait, but the time schedule is just right now. Chinese economy is the hottest in the world, where all investers are eager to enter into it. It is the best time for the national company to extend its warrior.
Problems such as employee, and enterprise culture, might exist for a long time. That is risk that Lenovo should take. A Chinese old prediction is " if you want to win a war, you should have three advantages which are the weather, geography and human." Lenovo takes advantages of the first two, and human will be its last problem to succeed in the war.

What makes Huawei so aggressive in the global market?

On Wednesday, Huawei has signed the UMTS roll-out contract of 400 million euro dollars with Dutch Telfort B.V, which marked the beginning for Chinese network providers to enter into western European markets. Premier Wen jiabao joined the ceremony. Many analysts assumed that Huawei depended on the cheap price, not the techology. But I don't think so. Many of my friends have been working in Huawei, and I know they are quite hard-working, or even crazy-working. They call it "Huawei culture".
There once was a popular saying in the Chinese telecom industry: The common providers sell technology, the second best providers sell service, the best providers sell the standards. I have seen Huawei change itself from the common one to the second one. No question it will become the best one.
The marketing department of Huawei is the most important one in the company. They are in charge of different operators. They visit them frequently and provide customer support at any time. They can bear scold from the customer and still pretent to be very happy. Who can provide such service like that? It can be called as "Human right violating", but it can even be called the better service. Many customer- support engineers from MNCs are proud of their brands and professional products. But all of that can't compare with the "professional service".
As I know, the President of Huawei is low profile and tough character. It affects the company culture of Huawei. Huawei doesn't go public because it doesn't need money. They have enough money and human resource to deal with the globcal market. That's the advantage of Chinese company.
Many Chinese cooperation are studying from the success of Huawei in the overseas market. I think the first priority is to learn how to work hard in overseas markets.
Another hard-working company, also the counterpart of Huawei, ZTE Corp went public on Dec. 9 and its share jumped 10.91 per cent. It has confirmed that investers are confident in this grown-up telecom equipment provider. Good luck.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

succeed on the necessary

European is still advanced in the telecom trends. France Orange began to provide 3G this week. But nobody can find the killer application now. Communication is the must-have in the life today. I paid about HKD 300 this month, which makes me really upset. But I have to because I need to communicate with people. Calling people is becoming the necessaries so that nobody can avoid it. But I can live without reading today's news, I can live without watching the basketball game, and I can live without listening to music. I don't know if I am too bold to raise the speculation: When the produce becomes the necessaries in the life, it becomes profitable, like phone, like PC, like Google. The rules is also avaible to technology. VoIP is not a necessary now, so many companies are struggling to make people like it. Skype may become necessary in the future, but not now.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Best blog in U.S.

If you want to have a view about best blog in the U.S. here is a best place to go: Weblogawards

Monday, November 29, 2004

Could you imagine the people who never used Google

The top editor from one of the most popular newspapers in Hong Kong, said he never used Google. Do you believe? I didn't believe it until I heard from his mouth. Yes, he does, and maybe many people do not use Google. What's it mean?
Some people may say it means nothing, because Google is not the rice that everyone has to eat every day. I am not a technology aficionado; but I would like to argue that Google is the quickest way you can find the useful information in the web. If you don't use Google, it means, at least, your information from the web is not the most updated; it also implies that you are not a frequent user to look for information on the web.
Before entering into this program, I am not trying to be a technical savvy; but now I want to be because I know its importance. I can see how Internet changes the China in a dramatically fast way; and also to the world. Many people call Internet the virtual society; true, but I would like to add one word on it, which is "virtual global society". Technology can take the vacumm in the society and make people in the country and outside the country know the information in several seconds. Especially in China, the change in the media brought by Internet can not happen with one or two TV program. But Internet has done that.
But I am still confused about one thing- the communication between humans in the Internet. It is a different way from in the real society. Maybe the two way can exist together for a long time, or maybe one will replace another. If there is, I believe it will be the online communication that will win finally.

Friday, November 26, 2004

My "speculation" about the revaluation of Yuan

Yes, people are speculating more and more on the

appreciation of Yuan. Bankers and fund managers in
different organizations all believe that yuan will
appreciate in a short time. From the angle of the
reporters, we can see different speeches or viewpoints
from Chinese officials,and diffrent measures for them
to reduce the pressure on Yuan. But I do believe the
bankers should have some reason to do such
speculation. One of them, I think, is that U.S
dollar's devaluation has put great measure on Yuan.
There is an exaggerated news whose headline is "U.S.
dollar's devaluation equals with robbing money from
Chinese's porket". For instance, with the U.S.
dollar's devaluation, China's Foreign reserve, most of
which are in the currency of dollars, has devalued
about 10%. Also, People's Bank of China needs to buy
more gold from the international markets to maintain
the foreign reserve. But the gold price has been more
expensive, marching above 455 dollars per ounce this
week, the highest price in 16 years. I am not sure if
China can resist the pressure or not.

Who will decide Ukraine's future?

Ukraine has become one of our topics in the class. No one knows what happened to Ukraine indeed, but everyone knows it is a big news because it appears on the headline of major newspapers.
Election will always be the most deputable stories in human's history. The lates U.S. election has already proved it. But the one in Ukraine is apparently a different story, where the other countries spoke out their viewpoint in the public. EU prefers Viktor Yushchendo, while Russian President Putin prefers Viktor Yanukovich, according to IHT. But there is no voice from Ukraine's people, though every politician said the people are the most important.
Then I began to wonder Ukraine's future...
But do not be afraid that EU and Russian will fight with each other at last, for they are still relying on each other in the economic development, one of the advantages brought by globalization. Conflict becomes more complex, while internal relation becomes more close, too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wired generation, I am one of them

With more and more teenagers become wired, the time they spend on realistic social activities is less and less. Internet is a virtual society, making people sharing their social life with the original life.
I am one of the few people who has been educated engineering and social science. The first period told me the happiness in processing machine code and communicating with online strangers, and the second taught me the necessaries to talk with people and exchange with ideas. But not all people have the same oppotunity as me. That's why we can always see the outgoing-character girl who has no idea about the Internet, and the shy boy in real life who is a forum talker.

One of my law professor said he was afraid of engineers. "Lawyer are depending on talking; Economist are depending on talking, too. But less-talking engineers will always create something surprising. "

Social people don't understand engineer; in reverse, engineers don't like social people, either. Listening to the debate between politicians on the radio, engineers consider it as a waste of time. They could take the time to produce some spaceship, robots and the other techi-stuff to make the world more efficiency.

How could I survive in the middle?

Monopoly accounting

Monopoly is a bad thing, according to the industry rules. The same may happen to the accounting industry. With more and more scandel in the company they audited, the Big Four don't feel comfortable though they are still enjoying the below amazing statistics:

"According to the General Accounting Office, a congressional watchdog, the “Big Four”—Deloitte & Touche, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Ernst & Young (E&Y) and KPMG—audit 97% of all public companies in America with sales over $250m. They audit more than 80% of public companies in Japan, two-thirds of those in Canada, all of Britain's 100-biggest public companies and, according to International Accounting Bulletin, they hold over 70% of the European market by fee income.-Economist"

Monday, November 22, 2004

How long google could go?

A new service called Google scholar has been introduced last week. It is aiming at scientists and academic researchers. They can look for scholarly reviewd papers there. Good idea. How large markets remain now?

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Contempt of Court, Press should take care

Facing with the possible jail of contempt of court, a journalist has chosen to keeping his promise instead of breaching of confidence.
Jim's statement
Jim Taricani, a 30-year veteran journalist,
who works for NBC's TV station in Providence, R.I, was sued for not disclosing his source of one tape about the mayor's corruption. Many media reported the action as a threat to the Freedom of Expression. But it is more important to find that if he violated the law of Contempt of Court. The mayor has already been judged into prison, which means the jurisdical result is not affected by the show of the tape. And the second, if Mr. Taricani is willing to disclose the source, will he be suede for "Breach of Confidence"?

Like ICAC case in Hong Kong, when Singtao daily sued ICAC for "offense of freedom expression", the Court of Appeal didn't consider it as a big deal. Journalists should not be always proud of the exclusive right. Even if they are on behalf of "public opinion", they should be aware that the citizens also need the other rights. Like one of the comments on Taricani's case, " Freedom of Expression is the right of every citizen, not only journalists. If they violated the court order against the other right, they should bear the consequence"

Why everyone is afraid of China?

Power, is the most frequent word I have heard after I came to Hong Kong. Hong Kong locals are afraid of Chinese power when they see China leader's visit to other countries. Foreigners are also afraid of the power when they find that China has becoming more and more agreesive in the relation with other countries. But what's is the power of China?

The Times reported on Friday that Brazil academic and officials are questioning the cooperation between China and Brazil. They have thought that China would benefit a lot from the raw material provided by Brazil, but Brazil's industry will be vulnerable. They said that China has taken a lot of FDI from latin America, also. In a word, China have already robbed, and will continute to rob Brazile's markets.

They even talked about pollution. China will bring its own polluting problem to Brazil, according to some academics.

Oppositing voice will always come out under the government policy. So does Brazil policy this time. People will consider China as another U.S., though most of them still prefer U.S. investment as a way to promote the economy. But they are used to the only superpower. No so many people blames U.S. when it starts to use the raw material and energy of the other country, because it is natural.

Media plays a big role forming the people's opinion. A veteran finicial journalist said that there are always two voices in the foreign media: one is "China's economy is becoming more and more stronger". and the other is "Chinese government is becoming worse in making up the decision". So the image for China is weird. That's why people feel afraid of. They can't control the Chinese government, while they are attracted by Chinese Economy.

" Every Chinese wants power", is that true? We need to find out, and it is still too early to get to a conclusion.

Friday, November 19, 2004

My poor Chinese media colleagues

Scientists always find good reasons to talk to people, without saying his or her hidden background and purpose. Especially in the media-sensitive market, like China, they always do so.

Chinese media reported one of the great scientists in the Internet development had visited Beijing to discuss IPv6, one of the Internet protocols, from NOV.17 th to 19th. Robert E. Kahn is one of the founders of TCP/IP protocol, which was largely reported in Chinese media at the time he visited. But nobody mentioned he is one of the director of Qualcomm, the company who is eager to enter into Chinese 3G market via CDMA2000.

No one knows the detailed schedule of Mr. Kahn. But when interviewed by Chinese), he said China Unicom had done a great job in the research of IPv6. But in one former article also from Sina, Mr. Kahn would visit the academic devoting in IPv6.

Qualcomm has been a major and long-term supporter when China Unicom began to set up CDMA network in the coutry. In Qualcomm's website, it says" QUALCOMM understands that China Unicom is considering the deployment of CDMA 1x(the successor of common CDMA network) and possibly HDR for 3G".

China Unicom has just changed the CEO from Wang Jianzhou to Chang Xiaobing.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The process of learning language

Learn a new language is not that easy. It is what I have found in Hong Kong. When you think you know it good enough, you begin to feel difficult. When you are headache about it, it begins to flatter you. I believe there must be some "language cell" fighting with each other in the brain when you learn another anguage. Finally they know how to live with others well after a hard fighting.

So are the human life. People fight with each other before they know how to adapt others. When human first developed from monkey, they fight with each other for food; After centuries, they fight with each other for everything, including money, place, famor. We are, too.

Today's class is Chinese Foreign Policy. We talked of some possibility of China's future. But my question is how people know a country's future without knowing its history. China is a country with five thousand year's cultural history, where people develop tradition, culture, and all the things in Chinese character. I would like to describe my country as a "secret" country not because they are secret, just because people can not understand. When western countries just started, China had already set up its own management system and it has worked well for thousands of years. But the internal fighting between people has made the society instable. So we had stopped for hundreds of year, where some innovative country set up in the other side of the ocean.

Talk back to languages. There was once a saying: God create different languages for humans, in order to inhibit them developing smarter than the God. So we humans need to develop ourselves beyond languages, especially in the journalism field. Suddenly, I find I should not be resisted to the difference and difficulties here. I am doing something useful.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Question to learn journalism in Hong Kong

I was once asked by a magazine's senior editor: Why you learn journalism in Hong Kong? I can see from his eyes that my answers didn't satisfy him. I began to ask myself, and then found I was not satisfied, either.
English? Who will be my future readers? I know my English is not that well as the one of native-English speaker.
News values? I am still confused by it after three-month study.
At last, I was totally confused, then silent at all the class for the whole week.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Afarat is dead, first news coming from AFP

Afarat died in Paris hospital, according to AFP. Rumors are flying in bbc radio. Nobody can confirm the news, before the official annoucenment. Sorry to hear the news.

Bush's first press conference after re-elected

From BBC
Will you add some democratics into the counsel?
Yes... Democratic wants a peaceful world. BTW, we has already worked together in Sep.11. It is not Republican or Democratics...

His voice is not as strong as the one in the debate. Tired after a tight election? But his answer is in two way: First, he doesn't want a peaceful world. Second, he can work together with Democratics, but the result is not that good.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Recovery and Revitalisation

How Asian, especially Chinese, discuss "Recovery and Revitaalisation" when the telecom carrier still enjoy a tremendous need in voice and data services? The eighth Asia Pacific Telecommunication Rountable, held by the Economist in Shanghai, may give an answer on Nov 11th to 12nd.
It's a pity that none of the Chinese carriers are involved in the speaker list.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Will DTT hit hackpot in EU?

Really a good news feature. It starts with Finland's struggle to get the DTT, and argues if DTT can make good money in EU.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Weekly Magazine’s Death

Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), the leading Asian business and financial newsweekly, will change to monthly magazine in December resulted with the loss of eighty jobs, while real-time media, like Bloomberg News, another financial news provider, is aggressively recruiting people in the same continent.

Dow Jones & Company, who owns FEER, Wall Street Journal and the other vital business and financial news media in the world, today announced that FEER will change its format from a newsweekly to a monthly with the issues and ideas largely written by Asian opinion leaders from the fields of politics, business and academics in December.

Dow Jones Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peter R. Kann, explained that nearly all other advertising-dependent newsweeklies based in Asia already have succumbed to competition from more immediate media alternatives, and that as a weekly, the Review had lost money for the past six years.

Two weeks before, Dow Jones released the report of Revenue and Profit for Third Quarter 2004. Print Publishing revenue declined $4.0 million, or 1.9%, in the third quarter of 2004 versus the same period a year ago. The detailed number for the loss of FEER is not mentioned.

As a result of format changing, eighty jobs will be reduced, representing about 10% of the company’s total Asia-based employees. After work force reductions, the company will record a restructuring charge, recorded as a special item, of approximately $3 million, or two cents per share, in the fourth quarter of 2004.

On the other hand, Bloomberg News, an electronic newspaper as “Tomorrow’s front page”, has been organizing Recruitment Event in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo from October to December. Bruce Grant, Bureau Chief for HK/China operations of Bloomberg, said “We welcome journalists”.

Mr Grant gave a seminar to the journalism students from all top universities of Hong Kong in Oct. 25. He talked about the character of Bloomberg News- “Five Fs”, one of which is “Fastest word”. Users can access to the latest news of Bloomberg 24 hours a day, without waiting for tomorrow’s newspaper, or magazine of next week.

Conceived as an electronic newspaper with main focus on business and financial news and information, Bloomberg News, has more than 1,600 journalists and editors reporting from 94 bureaus. Profit is unknown as the company not listed.

Though Mr. Kann in Daw Jones didn’t mention what the “more immediate media” refers to, “Fastest” Bloomberg should be one of them. Especially in business and financial field, Mr. Grant in Bloomberg said, people want to see the latest news without the limit of news publishing. Businessman can make decisions quickly to earn money or reduce loss.

With 23-year short history, Bloomberg has become the main provider for business and financial news in the world. “Quality and reliability” of the news and information are their main advantages, according to Mr. Grant.

Compared with Bloomberg, FEER is not that “advantageous”. Though set up in 1946, it has to change the format and reduce the staffs to “modestly accretive to full-year 2005 earnings per share” of Dow Jones & Company. Before FEER, AsiaWeek, another leading Asian magazine, ceased publication in Dec, 2001 due to the “financial” problem. Coincidentally, the same number of eighty jobs was eliminated.

AsiaWeek and FEER was said to be the only “two big regional newsweekly” in English.

Mr. Grant is right that most people prefer to see the “fastest” news rather than the weekly ones. But “fastest” will bring big problems to the quality of the news.

When Mr. Grant showed how to use Bloomberg’s news database, Gene Mustain, the journalism professor in the University of Hong Kong, have found many headlines including “may” or “may be”. He said it reduced the “accuracy” of the news and made people confusing.

President of the Foreign Correspondent Club, Matthew C. Driskill mentioned another problem when talking with the journalism students in the University of Hong Kong. International Herald Tribune (IHT), the newspaper where he is working, has collaborated with Bloomberg in one of IHT’s columns- “Business Asia”. He said he had found many stories from Bloomberg are in the “templates”, which means that the news is in fixed format. He said it is ok for general news, but not for certain stories. “Templates” will betray reader’s trust on the newspaper.

Some students said that it could be the trends for the news writing, but Mr. Driskill denied, “If that is the future, I will go to else where to work”.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

FEER's change means what?

FEER( Far Eastern Economic Review), set up in 1946, will change from weekly to monthly in this December. And most important, it will change from the "more-academic" style magazine to the home of "Asia's thought-leaders of every ideological stripe", and "will emphasize politics as Asian nations take their rightful place on the world stage".

I was stuffed when first heard the news. Someone inside FEER told me that it is "a sad day for Asian Journalism". I know what it means. But all I don't know is what it will mean.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oil price not just affected Hong Kong

If you say that Hong Kong's economy is easy to be affected by global oil price, so China is following up(sorry, the link is in Chinese). Car owners, taxi drivers and even airplane company are now worrying about the oil price. The so-called "oil-quota" ("oil-ticket") are already sold-up, or in other words, forbidden to sold now. Taxi drivers are shortening their work hours in the night. Airplane company are now applying for growing up prices.(They should bear the oil price for they have earned so much)
Global events begin to affect China in an aggressive way. Nobody can say it is dangerous or not. I hope Chinese can now prepare for it. Economy sensitive should be leaded by information-sensitive. There is still a long way to go.

Leave something when you die

flaming even
Originally uploaded by fubuki.
We can't expect the time when we die; but should we prepare? A korea website said "yes". You can leave words there, in order to send them to the people related. You can also leave will there. People will remember you via your words or they will no be hurt.
But there are two questions:
(1) One way there is to require you to reply once per month to confirm you are alive. Isn't it weird? If you have a holiday where you will no go Internet and you forget to tell the website, then they will consider you are dead. Wow, terrible.
(2) How they will confirm the validaty of the words? Especially to the will. Is the one stored in the website having same legal power with the one stored in your lawyer? If there are some difference, what will happen?
Anyway, it should be interesting to try, as we still have so many words to say after we die.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mobile phone is dangerous? pay attention, they just mention "Analogue"

Swedish researchers found that 10 or more years of mobile phone use increase the risk in brain tumor and it was confined to the side of the head where the phone was usually held.

People are nervous after reading the news, which was widely reported in the world. CNN's is the best, I believe. But should we give up phones? no, of course not.

First, the researchers are just mentioning Analogue phones. Now most phones we use is digital ones. The two kind of phone are using different kind of methods to transmit the signals, according to CNN. (I am surprised to find that some newspaper didn't mentioned this point at all; really embarassed for that reporter)

Second, they are saying that less than 10 year's usage will be less dangerous and they are still working out.

So I would like to suggest people not to put the phone near the head directly. Instead, using hands-free or microphone will be better.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

China Netcom will continue the success of China Power International?

China Netcom will go IPO in November.
China Power International's shares shot up 18 percent after IPO.
They are both State-owned companies in China, so obervers enquiried if there is chance for China Netcom to enjoy the same "hot" as China Power. It remains to see, but the situation is that energy is a more important word currently.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

A tiny Koala named "Koori"

I like Koala, not because it is one of my nick name. The animal is borned with natural happiness. I like that style: No competition, no sadness, just stay on the tree eating its favorite. Anyway, see Koori, my little brother.

If blogs become the "customer care" of telecom operators?

Blog and the customer care? no relation, isn't it? It should be, but in fact, there is relation. Look at Malaysia case, where jeff ooi become the "cutomer care"

The first sad moment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is really an exciting place; however, I have been sad these days,"no-name sadness" in Chinese.
It began in this Monday where I finished that long, long meeting. I tired up all my strength for preparing it. Then I collapsed. I slept more than usual, I ate more than usual, but neither of them solve the problem. I got into a disease which I can't cure myself. So I did everything orginally came to my mind, which is not my usual way. The sadness remains.
I couldn't get to asleep yesterday. It is the first time. I thought a lot about my study, my family, and a lot of other things. I can't work out any of them. Then I wake up at 6am, 7am, 8am, and finally get out of the bed at 9am. I am confusing by my dream and my real life. I can't tell which one is true and which one I prefer.
I know I will finally get over it, but I don't know how. I lost everything.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Google is still creative

Today we talked about if Google's crazy share price is a "bubble" in our class of "Business and Financial Journalism". In fact, I would like to say it should not be.

Google opened his another new service, called Google print, for the users to search the book online. It would touch off an important shift in the balance of power between companies that produce books and those that sell them.

Google is still creative, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mozilla Firefox, you still have a long way

Many websites can't support the Mozilla Firefox, due to the IE's monoply of Internet Browser. I have found some, and would like to find more. can't see the country correctly configuring)

Should the website be responosible for the fault? Or the Mozilla has to do its own thing?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Memorial of my grandfather

Grandpa, I am in Hong kong now, studying in journalism. Hope you are living well in another world, enjoying your favorite chess and meat.
I regret that I couldn't get back to see you at your last day. I regret that I haven't been home as often as I can. I regret that I didn't stay in home to accompany with you that Festival. I regret that I haven't talked to you often when you could talk. I regret that I don't listen to your words in that dream. I regret that I quarreled with grandma that day. I regret that I didn't "send" more meat to you. I regret I didn't do anything more when you are still there.
I remember we always play chess, I remember you teach me how to play that traditional Chinese game, I remember you take me to the grocery store and pay every food I ate me though the store is owened by you. You know, I have been to a watch store that day, and it reminds of the watch you give me. I always remember your face, which is serious. You are serious at your work, your family, but you loved me, the only granddaughter. But I can't even see you at your last day.
I am living well now, but I can't help thinking you. I know you must be looking at me in another world. Believe me, I will be responsible for everything I did, I am doing and I will do. I miss you!

Friday, October 01, 2004

A Burma writer met in Hong Kong

We have a new classmate called Soe. He was from Burma and almost 50 years old. He came here as a visiting student. He said he was a writer.
We are both always working at the lab. So we have more chance to talk. He is really good at chatting. Different from many Asian guys, he likes to share his life with others. "I want to go to everywhere in my life", he said about his dream. Having translated many books from Burmese, he has covered so many fields, such as Philosopy and tradiontal medicine. But he never published his own work in Burmese,."Political censorship" is the main reason, he said.
I was just wondering if political censorship will affect his own feeling to the government. His feeling was out of my imagination. " I hate my government, they squeeze all things from the Burma people". Then he opened his life. He was once a political criminal charged by "Illegal political doings" and "Illegal publishing". He provided his house for the students and anti-goverment to hold meetings, and he kept hundreds of books, not censored by government, in his bookshelves. He said, " I put all the book on the bookshelf, and government easily found them". So he stayed in prison for four years, which he called "a big experience, though may not be good".
He knows the Chinese writer-Lu Xun, and he admires the previous leader-Deng xiaoping in China. "I like China and Chinese leaders changed their policy so much to develop the economics". he said. It is the best words I have heard today, myNational day. "But currently, 99% of people in our country are living below poverty line, and we do have millionaires who earn millions of dollars." He expects some political leaders will change their policy to develop the country. " We once own the biggest airport in South Asia, and we were rich at that time when British colonies governed us. But now it have changed so much".
Burma is one of the countries I am not familiar with. The only thing I know is that many Chinese people in Yunnan province send their children to Burma, for it is free of tuition. This Burma guy brings me so much knowledge of the country. "I want to be a journalist who can cover Burma news in the world". His first step may be telling the news to me. Obviously, he has succeeded.
Opening eyes this morning, I was just wondering if it was worth 100 thousands of dollars to study here. Now I believe firmly that it was worth. So many interesting and amazing people to meet, the kind of life I am going after.

A journalist should learn to love writing again and again

Yesterday is an easy day until I read an article on the newspaper. A Russian girl majored in journalism published a book, about her online diary about herself and her friends. BTW, she is just an undergraduate. That's the magic of the Internet. It can make people famours in one day. But may not be just magic.

Many professionals said that journaslism school are really nonsense and just a waste of time. The fact is that I found the truth after I attended this famous school and paid the most expensive tuition here. I have to learn because I have paid for it? No, it is not my style. I have experienced a sharp shift from my previous career. I said to myself that day: I love this career, and I am sure I can survive here with my wisdom. Now, I am here, and surviving, though not the kind of elegance as I thought before. I know I am that kind.

Today is the National day. Best wishes for my nation, my beloved nation.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Update about CBS's "accuracy"

Hi, all guys. today's news on SCMP said that Republicans had called for a congressinal investigation and retraction of CBS television's report concerning President George W. Bush's Air National Guard service. Republican and CBS are arguing the anthenticity of the memos these days. No one can tell the truth, except for Jerry Killlian, who died in 1994. It remains to see the results. But anyone can imagine what will happen? Is there any chance that Repubicians will suit CBS for libeling if no one can tell the truth finally? Will CBS win the case? Indonesian magazine Tempo lost its case yesterday, just because they were reporting some business guru. But here, see, it is the US President. US and Indonesia, are different, of course. Anyway, Bush will argue for himself before the election, no matter it is true or not.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Blog's fight with big CBS, NY times, and Boston Globe

Find the news on by chance. It seems bloggers are proud on the matter. Maybe we can treat it as a memorial that blog can speak with TV at the same level, with the different opinion. Though no one can tell from right to wrong, the journalism becomes full of various voices. It is a good start. No one will pay to that blogger who did the letter-by-letter comparision, so profit-led doesn't exist. But who knows if it will be politic-led?
Anyway, thanks to Killian's memo, no matter it is forge or not, we hear different voices and can make a choice for ourselves.

Poll becomes serious, both parties said.

Today's leaflets interesting. Both DAB and Democratic Party printed that the poll became serious. They all said that it was ok for their No.1 leader to get one position in HK Island Constituency, but their No.2 person will not that fortunate. The fight party is changing from whole parties to personal leaders. DAB's leaflets referred to takungbao' news, saying that there was already enough vote for Rita Fan. More votes for Rita Fan, Less votes for Cai Suyu( the NO.2 leader in DAB) . So the voters should vote for Cai Suyu, instead of Rita Fan who will of course get a position. It is also said that Rita Fan's vote source will be duplicate with DAB's. So it requested every voter to vote "consciously" to distribute the vote to DAB. In other side, Democratic just announced that Martin Lee would fail if the vote is not enough. Their resource is from the HKU publich Opinion Programme, where Democratic is expected to get the vote of 24.6%, far from the succeeding rate-33.4%/. It is usually interesting to see the events before the election, where you can see a lot about the society.
Anyway, both parties are not so sure about their future now, which reflects about current HK people's thinking about the election. Still waiting to see!

Sep,12, Big day in Hongkong

It was Sep.12 today, finally. The street is full of the funs for different electioners. They gave the leaflets to every passer-by enthusically, with the hot sun shining behind their backs. The voice speaker on the truck announced again and again. The broadcast and TV reported the results in real time. I went into the polling station in Saiwan today.(Don't tell, it is a secret) The polling station is not that exciting. But the process to get into it is exciting enough.
All of this made me think of the Taiwanese election in Mar. I stayed in front of TV for the whole day, sharing the same up-and-down mood with Taiwanese. And now it is Hongkong. But honestly speaking, I am just an audience, viewer, not a joiner. Should journliasts try to be one of the joiners there? Should we be neutral as we are joiners? Or should we just keep cold-eyes being audience? All theorical question, worth or not?

Internet and Democracy

Roger Clarke opened a lecture in HKU today. The topic is "The Internet and Democracy- Has Hong Kong left it too late?" Seems interesting topic, isn't it? After some background invesigation, I prepared several questions such like Taiwaness election this year. Then I found that it was really far from what I used to think. He raised some new words like evoting, epolitics and egovernment. There are two kinds of voting: Technology-Enhanced Booth Voting and Internet Voting. There are three kinds of democracy called Participative Democracy, Representative Democracy abd Citizen-driven Representative Democracy. Most interested is the epolitics he mentioned. I totally agreed that it was a conflict zone, between old-style politicians and new cyber-citizens. Especially currently, new-born cyber-citizens are not that strong enough.
Internet has developed with the great spirit of freedom, but now is on the way to be a social tool, politic tool. Right way, or not?

See, Chinese's mourn to Russian children

From Interfax's news that Chinese's netizens using MSN to mourn to the children killed in the Russian school siege. Chinese onliners raised a great, global news value here. Should we journalists be also global in the globalization? Hah, find another words for globalization- News value movement, moving from local to global.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Media privacy and human value

Two headlines about media on SCMP's frontpage-"Reporter feared ruin if she revealed to ICAC source of leak, court hears" and "CCTV under fire for airing quiz on Russian school toll".
The first is referring to the struggle between media and ICAC, in another word, government. The issue has been discussed for a long time, in most time, the media focus so much. Should media have more privacy than other fields? Or should media always use the laws like First Amendment law to enjoy the previledge? They are the questions remaining to say, but in HK, it seems that people don't treat media like that.
The second is more about human value(just talked with my classmates). It told that state-owned CCTV had drawn stinging criticism from Moscow and at home for airing a mobile phone quiz on the death toll from last week's Russian school siege. I am from the telecom field, so I know that Chinese SMS content sevice is so profitable that many industries are eager to join in. CCTV is one of the example. It has set up a special centre to provide the SMS value-service to all its audience. I bet they will pay more attention to what intereste the audience most, instead of others. It may be not their fault, for they are not real journalists. But what journalists should do facing such things? Do they have the rights to stop, or do they just see the whole things happen? Our eyes should pay more attention on the world, and our heart should pay more attention, too. Globalization doesn't just mean we should report more. It also means we should consider more from the world's angle and the human's angle. It 's pity that not many journalists realize the point. They focused more on their own privacy, but they have to know they should learn more, especially in such a fast developing world.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Crazy on the classes

I have been crazy these days, busy with all my classes and of course, the trip to SZ. HKU is really an exciting place, where you can meet different people and stuffs.
An interesting class called "Chinese's foreign policy" tonight. It was taught by the director of the Faculty of Social Science. I went to that class just for fun. Then I found it is really "weird" for me- a Chinese girl who has experienced above 20 years in PRC-to learn our own foreign policy at HK. But the thing is interesting that I can see many different attitude including misunderstanding, to the policy and policymakers. Maybe that's what I will learn from the course. Also, it is fun to meet some ex-media guys there.
The reading work is such a heavy load, but that's the life I am going after. Just fun to hang around in different fields, though it is dangerous for me. I alway tell myself to focus on my own field, but there are attract stuffs everywhere. So not my fault:)
Busy everyday, just wondering how to develop my cook skills and find my love boy?

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Busy everyday with the classes

Pretty busy these days. Two classes per day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. I am free only at night, working hard on my English. I was short of English background, which affected my English frequency. The Prof. John helped me a lot with my pronunciation, but still need to improve it.
Hongkong is wet these days. Yesterday's news: Hongkong Jockey Club opened the market to the mainland punters,and meantime showed their angry on the government's archaic laws; A boy from mainland had been walking along the MTR line before he was found near the Kowloon Bay Station; Soggy weather can't stop the people's passion towards the Legco election, especially the electors.
Who will win the Legco election at last? I could't help thinking these days. I met an old woman cleaner yesterday. She told her terrible experience in the Chinese Cultral Revolutionary. She had been put into prison for 12 years when she returned mainland to find her husband. She tried to escape, even thought of death. After all was ended, she came back Hongkong, already 32 years old. From then on, she never thought of going back mainland, and in fact hated the mainland a lot. Who will she vote for? It remains to see. And still investigating other ones.