Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wired generation, I am one of them

With more and more teenagers become wired, the time they spend on realistic social activities is less and less. Internet is a virtual society, making people sharing their social life with the original life.
I am one of the few people who has been educated engineering and social science. The first period told me the happiness in processing machine code and communicating with online strangers, and the second taught me the necessaries to talk with people and exchange with ideas. But not all people have the same oppotunity as me. That's why we can always see the outgoing-character girl who has no idea about the Internet, and the shy boy in real life who is a forum talker.

One of my law professor said he was afraid of engineers. "Lawyer are depending on talking; Economist are depending on talking, too. But less-talking engineers will always create something surprising. "

Social people don't understand engineer; in reverse, engineers don't like social people, either. Listening to the debate between politicians on the radio, engineers consider it as a waste of time. They could take the time to produce some spaceship, robots and the other techi-stuff to make the world more efficiency.

How could I survive in the middle?

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