Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being in China

It is a right decision to come back to China. Beijing almost become a strange city to me even in less than a year. People work hard, and it's never difficult to get banker working on Sunday, and to order food in the night. I even ordered water online, and got a phone call in one minute.

A lot of people are starting companies, especially Stanford Alumni. I already met a few who are doing well, and a few who are still working hard. They are impressive people. The Chinese government also tried to support people who studied overseas to come back to start company. I went to a few government-sponsored zone to visit companies and government officials. However, it's sad to see no one is really into helping build start-up. Some of them only care about charging start-up rental, and some of them only care about the number of start-up they attract.

So I totally understand why Kai-fu Lee, the former CEO of Google China, now left to start an incubator. China needs an incubator more than just an office for start-up. It's good that he realize that young entrepreneurs need more support in human resources, strategy, technology.etc. I am sure there will be more and more people doing the same thing.

Walking on the street, I feel overwhelmed by the crowds, but I sense their eager to succeed. The country is on the way to grow quickly.

P.S. if anyone can tell me how I can access blogger efficiently, that will be appreciated.