Tuesday, October 19, 2004

China Netcom will continue the success of China Power International?

China Netcom will go IPO in November.
China Power International's shares shot up 18 percent after IPO.
They are both State-owned companies in China, so obervers enquiried if there is chance for China Netcom to enjoy the same "hot" as China Power. It remains to see, but the situation is that energy is a more important word currently.


Fons Tuinstra said...

The investors in Hong Kong can get excited about anything that has China in its name. They invested in Yang Bin, Zhou Zhengyi, D'Long...
Netcom seems a different category, but I witnessed today one of my IT-guys who got a sales call from China Netcom here in Shanghai. "Never Netcom," he said, "too unstable, a very bad deal." Now investors seem to have different criteria than my IT-guy.

Amy or koala said...

hehe, I don't know much about their service quality:) But I know they will provide a new service same with Skype later. Isn't that interesting