Tuesday, December 07, 2004

succeed on the necessary

European is still advanced in the telecom trends. France Orange began to provide 3G this week. But nobody can find the killer application now. Communication is the must-have in the life today. I paid about HKD 300 this month, which makes me really upset. But I have to because I need to communicate with people. Calling people is becoming the necessaries so that nobody can avoid it. But I can live without reading today's news, I can live without watching the basketball game, and I can live without listening to music. I don't know if I am too bold to raise the speculation: When the produce becomes the necessaries in the life, it becomes profitable, like phone, like PC, like Google. The rules is also avaible to technology. VoIP is not a necessary now, so many companies are struggling to make people like it. Skype may become necessary in the future, but not now.

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