Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Amy_back home

Amy seems disappearing for a long time, right? yeah, Amy is back home from Hong Kong. My hometown is a beautiful seaside town near Beijing. It is cold right now, but warm in my house.

People always need to recharge the "internal batteries", said one of my online friends Lutz. The words are so cute ,right? everyone has the battery inside the body, and you know what's that, isn't it?

It feels so good if you know somebody in somewhere will always miss you and bless you, then you forget all the unhappiness.

Give everyone best wishes. Have a happy week as Amy do....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Media_a local newspaper got a office explosion

Ming Pao, one of the oldest newspaper in Hong Kong, had one of its editorial office exploding at 2:50 after receiving a parcel. A secretary was injured and send to the hospital. A letter in the parcel asked the newspaper to send 30 million to an account in a non-profit organization in Hong Kong.

Terrorism visited Hong Kong??? Or what?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Law_managing a nation, by human or by law?

I am thinking this question for days. China has been a nation with thousands of years governed by human. Now the President Hu said the country should be regulated by law. Is that possible for such a big nation with a so large population?

Read a pretty interesting message yesterday. Shenzhen Development Bank, the only foreign-controlled joint-stock lender in China, said it has received notice from China Securties Regulatory Commission, asking for the return of a back-up loan. The loan once belonged to a already two bankrupted securties companies .

The message said: The regulator asked us twice to pay back the money, with the warning to send us to the court. But we haven't done that yet coz our lawyer doesn't think we have to pay. So far, no suit.