Monday, November 29, 2004

Could you imagine the people who never used Google

The top editor from one of the most popular newspapers in Hong Kong, said he never used Google. Do you believe? I didn't believe it until I heard from his mouth. Yes, he does, and maybe many people do not use Google. What's it mean?
Some people may say it means nothing, because Google is not the rice that everyone has to eat every day. I am not a technology aficionado; but I would like to argue that Google is the quickest way you can find the useful information in the web. If you don't use Google, it means, at least, your information from the web is not the most updated; it also implies that you are not a frequent user to look for information on the web.
Before entering into this program, I am not trying to be a technical savvy; but now I want to be because I know its importance. I can see how Internet changes the China in a dramatically fast way; and also to the world. Many people call Internet the virtual society; true, but I would like to add one word on it, which is "virtual global society". Technology can take the vacumm in the society and make people in the country and outside the country know the information in several seconds. Especially in China, the change in the media brought by Internet can not happen with one or two TV program. But Internet has done that.
But I am still confused about one thing- the communication between humans in the Internet. It is a different way from in the real society. Maybe the two way can exist together for a long time, or maybe one will replace another. If there is, I believe it will be the online communication that will win finally.

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