Thursday, September 09, 2004

Crazy on the classes

I have been crazy these days, busy with all my classes and of course, the trip to SZ. HKU is really an exciting place, where you can meet different people and stuffs.
An interesting class called "Chinese's foreign policy" tonight. It was taught by the director of the Faculty of Social Science. I went to that class just for fun. Then I found it is really "weird" for me- a Chinese girl who has experienced above 20 years in PRC-to learn our own foreign policy at HK. But the thing is interesting that I can see many different attitude including misunderstanding, to the policy and policymakers. Maybe that's what I will learn from the course. Also, it is fun to meet some ex-media guys there.
The reading work is such a heavy load, but that's the life I am going after. Just fun to hang around in different fields, though it is dangerous for me. I alway tell myself to focus on my own field, but there are attract stuffs everywhere. So not my fault:)
Busy everyday, just wondering how to develop my cook skills and find my love boy?

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