Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Why no one has predicted such a terrible tsunamis?

The question has been in my mind since the tsunamis happened. I have experienced the feeling of losing the families in the earthquake, and I know the importance to tell people the happening of the disaster before hands. The technology is not that difficult to implement: see here, the method how to predict the tsunamis; see here,how scientists learn to predict the tsunamis; But why not to predict this time so that many people can leave the coast at least?

One possible reason is that scientist beliven 90 per cent of the tsunamis happen in the Pacific Ocean, but the other 10 per cent of possbility should also be emphasized because even one human life is important; The other possible reason is the local government missed(or neglected) the warning from the sources, because many affected countries are depending on the tourist industry and the time is the most busy season.

Look back to the disaster list on Reuters: Asia and Africa have been the most two frequent place for the disaster to happen; The victims are going up because of the tourists from all over the world. We have to admit we are not God.

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