Saturday, February 25, 2006

Media_free newspaper

All the newspaper will become free one day, I believe. They could just live on advertisements. Then how about the paid TV?

Media conglomates always think big futures in paid TV. But I still wonder if customers will pay for it in a world you could always have free things from Internet. See, blog, has already changed people's concept to pay to read; and radio and TV will follow the same trend when people could easily make their radio and video productions online, just like they did to the blog.

Lol, let's come on to get another big business.

just get back from Beijing

Amy had a trip to BJ from Thursday to Friday. It is really cold there, but fortunately, I didn't need to go out quite often. I had a busy schedule there, finishing two interviews for my job, then getting together with many old friends.

Time flies quickly and many of my friends already got married(isn't that quick). And me, still hanging around in Hong Kong without knowing who will be my Mr. Right.

But it is ok. My job already brought me many happiness, knew different people everyday and wrote interesting stories. You couldn't always have the world, so just choose the most favorite.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Personaly_still wanna to go to Italy

I gave up an opportunity to go to Milan, Italy last week, which, as a result, a bad decision I've ever made. So I still want to go there, meet handsome Italians as well as the city's extensive design culture. Chinese need some innovative education, to have their own brands in the future. The world factory will not always work.

Tomorrow I will fly to Beijing for some interviews. It will be great to meet some people there. If you wannt to meet me, send me a line:)

Media_so many things happen in a week

I didn't write in the last two weeks because many things happen. My big boss left last last week, before he fired the second-big and third-big boss; then my boss, covering business desk, left this Friday. Suddenly, everything changed since the beginning of February.

I don't want to comment on that coz it is a bit of sensitive right now. Besides all the politics, I still think it is the common problem for newspapers; without an effective business model, everything will go down.

Newpaper once covered everything, including analysis, PR work, consulting, rumors as well as critics. Now analysis and consulting go to the consulting firms and specific organization; PRs set up their own company; rumor always with Internet; only critics remains with the newpaper, though, in some extent, advertisers don't feel good about it.

The only way to solve this is to review the resources and recover those original services to the readers; or give readers a free newspaper just like Internet does.

From the journalism course I learned, a mature News theory has been mature in 100 years since started; but Internet rebroke everything, so in other words, it is now changing to another grow-up where old theories may not work.

For example, we say fairness in a story; but look at Internet, you could easily find something totally in diffrent side at the same time, though they may be covered in two or more stories.

So what's is the value of journalism? We already go back to the old period where informations are all everywhere. Google has become a reporter which could be used as a tool to check, or "write" everything on the Internet.

It is easy to be a reporter now, but not easy to be a Google.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Media_Always helpful Google

Google said it will launch the new function to let me chat via online windows. To some people, it may doesn't matter that much; but to me, an Internet guru but has to use the office computer without the right to set up any software there, it is really great news. At least, I could chat on my Gmail account in my office computer, forbiddened to set up gmail chatting software, from now on. Google is great in doing such helpful and warm things.

Thanks Godnesss.....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Media_A coming graded Internet

In Chinese, we say "people have different grade, such as rich and poor, or high class and low class". But the words were not once available on Internet, though now a new Internet with different grade seems coming.

Here, a new system to give priority to paid emails is created, while we could imagine how our unpaid, or free emails, will be treated by our email providers. One email may take a day's time to arrive to the right place because it doesn't been paid. (read the story on NY times)

There, opened a new blog site for celebrities in China. Imagine how many comments got for a female star Xu Jinglei? over 500, and always. So on an Internet which should be fair, celebrities draw more attention.

Internet is also the society; In the start-up, you feel free and fair; later, you will find someone has more power that you; at last, it is the society like we are living now.

So what? give up the Internet, me?///

Friday, February 03, 2006

Media_Boss Change

The big boss of our paper will be changed shortly. Mark Clifford, will go to South China Morning Post, the rival of the Standard, as the group editor-in-chief. I wonder if it is always the rule for most people working in the Standard. Standard first, and then bigger one SCMP.

Many reporters in our newspaper left for SCMP in the past day, after SCMP reporter left for news wires or PR companies. Newspaper, to me, has already been a cliche business, where it could just live with the last breath.

But newspaper is still a big part of the media which you could see the real readership. I suggested my boss to open a Chinese news website to attract mainland Chinese who live in Hong Kong that day. Then he asked how it could make money even if the site got the readership. Good questions. Online media couldn't only live supporting by the advertisement, I always believe, but then what could they depend on?