Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sep,12, Big day in Hongkong

It was Sep.12 today, finally. The street is full of the funs for different electioners. They gave the leaflets to every passer-by enthusically, with the hot sun shining behind their backs. The voice speaker on the truck announced again and again. The broadcast and TV reported the results in real time. I went into the polling station in Saiwan today.(Don't tell, it is a secret) The polling station is not that exciting. But the process to get into it is exciting enough.
All of this made me think of the Taiwanese election in Mar. I stayed in front of TV for the whole day, sharing the same up-and-down mood with Taiwanese. And now it is Hongkong. But honestly speaking, I am just an audience, viewer, not a joiner. Should journliasts try to be one of the joiners there? Should we be neutral as we are joiners? Or should we just keep cold-eyes being audience? All theorical question, worth or not?

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