Sunday, November 21, 2004

Why everyone is afraid of China?

Power, is the most frequent word I have heard after I came to Hong Kong. Hong Kong locals are afraid of Chinese power when they see China leader's visit to other countries. Foreigners are also afraid of the power when they find that China has becoming more and more agreesive in the relation with other countries. But what's is the power of China?

The Times reported on Friday that Brazil academic and officials are questioning the cooperation between China and Brazil. They have thought that China would benefit a lot from the raw material provided by Brazil, but Brazil's industry will be vulnerable. They said that China has taken a lot of FDI from latin America, also. In a word, China have already robbed, and will continute to rob Brazile's markets.

They even talked about pollution. China will bring its own polluting problem to Brazil, according to some academics.

Oppositing voice will always come out under the government policy. So does Brazil policy this time. People will consider China as another U.S., though most of them still prefer U.S. investment as a way to promote the economy. But they are used to the only superpower. No so many people blames U.S. when it starts to use the raw material and energy of the other country, because it is natural.

Media plays a big role forming the people's opinion. A veteran finicial journalist said that there are always two voices in the foreign media: one is "China's economy is becoming more and more stronger". and the other is "Chinese government is becoming worse in making up the decision". So the image for China is weird. That's why people feel afraid of. They can't control the Chinese government, while they are attracted by Chinese Economy.

" Every Chinese wants power", is that true? We need to find out, and it is still too early to get to a conclusion.

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