Friday, November 26, 2004

Who will decide Ukraine's future?

Ukraine has become one of our topics in the class. No one knows what happened to Ukraine indeed, but everyone knows it is a big news because it appears on the headline of major newspapers.
Election will always be the most deputable stories in human's history. The lates U.S. election has already proved it. But the one in Ukraine is apparently a different story, where the other countries spoke out their viewpoint in the public. EU prefers Viktor Yushchendo, while Russian President Putin prefers Viktor Yanukovich, according to IHT. But there is no voice from Ukraine's people, though every politician said the people are the most important.
Then I began to wonder Ukraine's future...
But do not be afraid that EU and Russian will fight with each other at last, for they are still relying on each other in the economic development, one of the advantages brought by globalization. Conflict becomes more complex, while internal relation becomes more close, too.

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