Thursday, January 26, 2006

Media_what a shame to repeat the same action

I always love my country, but it doesn't mean I should always bear the stupid thing the government has ever done.
---a sentence I should remember for the whole life.

Bingdian, a popular column on the official pioneer youth newspaper- China's Youth Daily, was shut down yesterday, possibly caused by a story it published blaming on the current textbooks. The author, a philosophy professor Yuan Weishi with Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, said it is not right to continute using the same history textbook now as the one during the 1950s to 1970s when several disasters including cultural revolution happens. He said the textbook should not just teach students that the world only has right things and wrong things; there should be more democratic things the children should differentiate themselves.

He compared the students who study the textbooks as "the generation feeding with milk from wolves'' and argued the school should teach how to be a modern citizen instead of to be crazy activists.

It is believed that the comparation has made some official angry. But the fact is what he argued is reasonable. Textbooks are already out of date; but the regulator seems has no idea to change it.

If you always block people from speaking from their bottom of heart, then one day nobody will speak to you.

I will remember yesterday, Jan.25. when Bingdian, the most popular columns among Chinese youths, were closed due to stupid decisions.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Media_Internet and celebrities

Living in Hong Kong, your life is never short of celebrities. TV, newspaper, posts, or even on the street, you will meet them and their big, exaggerate photos. I can't help thinking of how they make money, and how much.

My friend Edwyn Chan, who is an Internet enterprenuer in China, looks to think in the same way as I do. One of his interesting posts told about the sameness between internet business and pop stars. I would like to say it is only part of the truth. The most important point is the exposure. Celebrities could earn money shooting advertisements if they are popular; so do internet websites. See Google grab how many advertisements from traditonal media.

But could exposure make all the things? a little doubt.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Amy's another blog got readers, too

Amy loves reading Chinese history, the reason why she opened a blog, also in blogspot, named the history of China.Unfortunately, she only posted one story there, the translation of a Chinese poem.

Amazingly, someone have read that. Ted, a guy living in Singapore, wrote to Amy Friday to tell his interest in China's history. Wow, it is really nice to know friends with same interests in the world.

That's the reason why Amy doesn't want to leave Hong Kong now. Full of Chinese culture, you will feel like home.

Amy have given up the opportunity to Milan, Italy. A little frustrated, but I believe the decision will help me focusing on my current media career.

My generation is kind of "lost generation" in China; we know western culture more than the local ones. But when one day I went to a Chinese artistic exhibition, it was amazing to see how beautiful they were. Fantastic paintings and accessories, and suddenly I fell in love with them.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Stock market_Is the U.S. stockmarket model suitable to China?

I am keeping an eye on China's stockmarket these days. It is really disappointing, or maybe interesting to someone, that many state-owned companies had a so-bad performance in the past years. A famous financial-academic-turned TV idol once said Chinese companies need to learn to be responsible to shareholders, instead of the government. But I guess it will be pretty hard, when most of the big companies are still owned by the government these days. Many CEOs of those companies still hold the position in the government, or wanna to hold such positions.

How a company be responsible to two entities at the same time? it is a hard question, which could decide China's future if some smart person answer it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Myself_I am not that smart

I always think I am smart (sounds too frank and arrogant). But today I found I am not. Clever person, if he could dig into one point, he could be smart of smart; but if he dig into various point, he would be a idiot.

I find I am the second type, at least, in the past year 2005. I need to rescue myself.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New year, new plan

It is a bit of late to conclude the year of 2005 today. But I still would like to that.
The just-past year is the Chinese rooster year, which is my "animal year". Old sayings predicted that I will get involved in unfortunate stuffs this year, so I need to wear red socks, red belts and red....pants, haha. But I found I had been lucky this year. I had a good time in the University of Hong Kong and known a lot of friends there. Then during summer holidays I spent one month in Shanghai, doing a fantastic internship and meeting many friends,too. Then I worked with an interesting newspaper in Hong Kong in the second half of the year till now. The God gave me so many opportunities to try different things, which is really a great present for a young professionals like me.

The problem now is that I lost myself in so many opportunities. I think I could do many things, but I know I need to focus to develop the specific expertise. I like journalism, I like designing, I like fashion, I like technology,,,,, but each of them may demand my whole life to contribute. Then I hesitate.....

Everyone has a new wish in the new year. Me, too. I wish I could experience a difference kind o life somewhere else before I make my final decision.

How about you guys' wishes??