Friday, October 30, 2009

It's been a long journey

It's been a long journey from California to Beijing. But here I am. There are so many opportunities and so many obstacles. I keep wondering how some of the overseas company can succeed in this market since the rules are quite difficult, even for a local business person like me. However, I am learning fast on lots of relationships and the difference in China's IT market. I am glad I came back immediately after graduation since I can learn quickly because of my young age. One day when I look back, I would be proud of my decision.

Some of the lessons I have learned and will keep sharing:

(1) The market is huge but out of order. you have to be quick enough, you have to have street smart. Especially for Internet, people learn quickly, and they are all smart people.

(2) Have a local partner or adviser. I have a lot of local friends who helped me going through the burcraticracy of the government, the toughness of local businessmen. etc. Without them, I can't imagine my business will go on smoothly.

(3) Everyone can help you. It's amazing that even a random introduction can help with a million-dollar business, which I've never experienced in U.S. A big network of contacts is essential for a businessman. You know who you can call when you are in trouble, or eager to expand your business.

Those are not typical lessons in a business school. Have to be in real practice to know this. You lucky readers:)