Thursday, November 11, 2004

The process of learning language

Learn a new language is not that easy. It is what I have found in Hong Kong. When you think you know it good enough, you begin to feel difficult. When you are headache about it, it begins to flatter you. I believe there must be some "language cell" fighting with each other in the brain when you learn another anguage. Finally they know how to live with others well after a hard fighting.

So are the human life. People fight with each other before they know how to adapt others. When human first developed from monkey, they fight with each other for food; After centuries, they fight with each other for everything, including money, place, famor. We are, too.

Today's class is Chinese Foreign Policy. We talked of some possibility of China's future. But my question is how people know a country's future without knowing its history. China is a country with five thousand year's cultural history, where people develop tradition, culture, and all the things in Chinese character. I would like to describe my country as a "secret" country not because they are secret, just because people can not understand. When western countries just started, China had already set up its own management system and it has worked well for thousands of years. But the internal fighting between people has made the society instable. So we had stopped for hundreds of year, where some innovative country set up in the other side of the ocean.

Talk back to languages. There was once a saying: God create different languages for humans, in order to inhibit them developing smarter than the God. So we humans need to develop ourselves beyond languages, especially in the journalism field. Suddenly, I find I should not be resisted to the difference and difficulties here. I am doing something useful.

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