Friday, October 01, 2004

A journalist should learn to love writing again and again

Yesterday is an easy day until I read an article on the newspaper. A Russian girl majored in journalism published a book, about her online diary about herself and her friends. BTW, she is just an undergraduate. That's the magic of the Internet. It can make people famours in one day. But may not be just magic.

Many professionals said that journaslism school are really nonsense and just a waste of time. The fact is that I found the truth after I attended this famous school and paid the most expensive tuition here. I have to learn because I have paid for it? No, it is not my style. I have experienced a sharp shift from my previous career. I said to myself that day: I love this career, and I am sure I can survive here with my wisdom. Now, I am here, and surviving, though not the kind of elegance as I thought before. I know I am that kind.

Today is the National day. Best wishes for my nation, my beloved nation.

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