Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Busy everyday with the classes

Pretty busy these days. Two classes per day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. I am free only at night, working hard on my English. I was short of English background, which affected my English frequency. The Prof. John helped me a lot with my pronunciation, but still need to improve it.
Hongkong is wet these days. Yesterday's news: Hongkong Jockey Club opened the market to the mainland punters,and meantime showed their angry on the government's archaic laws; A boy from mainland had been walking along the MTR line before he was found near the Kowloon Bay Station; Soggy weather can't stop the people's passion towards the Legco election, especially the electors.
Who will win the Legco election at last? I could't help thinking these days. I met an old woman cleaner yesterday. She told her terrible experience in the Chinese Cultral Revolutionary. She had been put into prison for 12 years when she returned mainland to find her husband. She tried to escape, even thought of death. After all was ended, she came back Hongkong, already 32 years old. From then on, she never thought of going back mainland, and in fact hated the mainland a lot. Who will she vote for? It remains to see. And still investigating other ones.