Sunday, September 12, 2004

Poll becomes serious, both parties said.

Today's leaflets interesting. Both DAB and Democratic Party printed that the poll became serious. They all said that it was ok for their No.1 leader to get one position in HK Island Constituency, but their No.2 person will not that fortunate. The fight party is changing from whole parties to personal leaders. DAB's leaflets referred to takungbao' news, saying that there was already enough vote for Rita Fan. More votes for Rita Fan, Less votes for Cai Suyu( the NO.2 leader in DAB) . So the voters should vote for Cai Suyu, instead of Rita Fan who will of course get a position. It is also said that Rita Fan's vote source will be duplicate with DAB's. So it requested every voter to vote "consciously" to distribute the vote to DAB. In other side, Democratic just announced that Martin Lee would fail if the vote is not enough. Their resource is from the HKU publich Opinion Programme, where Democratic is expected to get the vote of 24.6%, far from the succeeding rate-33.4%/. It is usually interesting to see the events before the election, where you can see a lot about the society.
Anyway, both parties are not so sure about their future now, which reflects about current HK people's thinking about the election. Still waiting to see!

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