Monday, December 20, 2004

Hong Kong 3G operators are running after each other, who will win?

Smartone has become the second 3G operator, in the competition with CSL, another carries who yelled to be the second, while the previous, sole 3G operator, Hutchson, is still struggling to earn more.

Smartone has done a good job on their website with detailed introduction of the new service, while CSL still advertises its Christmas discount of 2G phone. Except for the normal service like music and wallpaper, Smartone has done a good job to provide business news of Dow Jones. But I would like to remind that the direct news from the news wires always makes people confused. I am one of the example when subscribing to the Reuters.

I guess Smartone can do a better job than CSL in the coming future, while the two will both experience a hard time to make money. By the way, why every Hong Kong operators use the same or almost same tariff to charge the users? They are always based on the time, on the data volume, but don't they forget what they provide is the content? Why not using charging on content? (Wow, it is one of my favorite charging principles, but unfortunately, the billing system should be perfect enough)

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