Friday, November 19, 2004

My poor Chinese media colleagues

Scientists always find good reasons to talk to people, without saying his or her hidden background and purpose. Especially in the media-sensitive market, like China, they always do so.

Chinese media reported one of the great scientists in the Internet development had visited Beijing to discuss IPv6, one of the Internet protocols, from NOV.17 th to 19th. Robert E. Kahn is one of the founders of TCP/IP protocol, which was largely reported in Chinese media at the time he visited. But nobody mentioned he is one of the director of Qualcomm, the company who is eager to enter into Chinese 3G market via CDMA2000.

No one knows the detailed schedule of Mr. Kahn. But when interviewed by Chinese), he said China Unicom had done a great job in the research of IPv6. But in one former article also from Sina, Mr. Kahn would visit the academic devoting in IPv6.

Qualcomm has been a major and long-term supporter when China Unicom began to set up CDMA network in the coutry. In Qualcomm's website, it says" QUALCOMM understands that China Unicom is considering the deployment of CDMA 1x(the successor of common CDMA network) and possibly HDR for 3G".

China Unicom has just changed the CEO from Wang Jianzhou to Chang Xiaobing.

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