Saturday, October 02, 2004

Memorial of my grandfather

Grandpa, I am in Hong kong now, studying in journalism. Hope you are living well in another world, enjoying your favorite chess and meat.
I regret that I couldn't get back to see you at your last day. I regret that I haven't been home as often as I can. I regret that I didn't stay in home to accompany with you that Festival. I regret that I haven't talked to you often when you could talk. I regret that I don't listen to your words in that dream. I regret that I quarreled with grandma that day. I regret that I didn't "send" more meat to you. I regret I didn't do anything more when you are still there.
I remember we always play chess, I remember you teach me how to play that traditional Chinese game, I remember you take me to the grocery store and pay every food I ate me though the store is owened by you. You know, I have been to a watch store that day, and it reminds of the watch you give me. I always remember your face, which is serious. You are serious at your work, your family, but you loved me, the only granddaughter. But I can't even see you at your last day.
I am living well now, but I can't help thinking you. I know you must be looking at me in another world. Believe me, I will be responsible for everything I did, I am doing and I will do. I miss you!

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