Friday, October 01, 2004

A Burma writer met in Hong Kong

We have a new classmate called Soe. He was from Burma and almost 50 years old. He came here as a visiting student. He said he was a writer.
We are both always working at the lab. So we have more chance to talk. He is really good at chatting. Different from many Asian guys, he likes to share his life with others. "I want to go to everywhere in my life", he said about his dream. Having translated many books from Burmese, he has covered so many fields, such as Philosopy and tradiontal medicine. But he never published his own work in Burmese,."Political censorship" is the main reason, he said.
I was just wondering if political censorship will affect his own feeling to the government. His feeling was out of my imagination. " I hate my government, they squeeze all things from the Burma people". Then he opened his life. He was once a political criminal charged by "Illegal political doings" and "Illegal publishing". He provided his house for the students and anti-goverment to hold meetings, and he kept hundreds of books, not censored by government, in his bookshelves. He said, " I put all the book on the bookshelf, and government easily found them". So he stayed in prison for four years, which he called "a big experience, though may not be good".
He knows the Chinese writer-Lu Xun, and he admires the previous leader-Deng xiaoping in China. "I like China and Chinese leaders changed their policy so much to develop the economics". he said. It is the best words I have heard today, myNational day. "But currently, 99% of people in our country are living below poverty line, and we do have millionaires who earn millions of dollars." He expects some political leaders will change their policy to develop the country. " We once own the biggest airport in South Asia, and we were rich at that time when British colonies governed us. But now it have changed so much".
Burma is one of the countries I am not familiar with. The only thing I know is that many Chinese people in Yunnan province send their children to Burma, for it is free of tuition. This Burma guy brings me so much knowledge of the country. "I want to be a journalist who can cover Burma news in the world". His first step may be telling the news to me. Obviously, he has succeeded.
Opening eyes this morning, I was just wondering if it was worth 100 thousands of dollars to study here. Now I believe firmly that it was worth. So many interesting and amazing people to meet, the kind of life I am going after.

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