Friday, December 17, 2004

It is right for George Soros to suggest the International Bankruptcy Law

I remember George Soros said in his book that the International Banruptcy law should be introduced to reduce the risk taken by IMF and the World Bank. But it is pity that Yukos Company can't not wait for the day to come. It is irony that the US Brankruptcy Court ordered that the sale of the company should be blocked, while Russian authorities didn't care. Who will be the winner of the auction? No matter who will be, he should be very happy because the price is so low. Yukos people said they should worth twice.

Another voice came when I viewed the forums in Russia. I quote some of them here:

read Financial News, this news parep once published very interesting article about Khodorkovsky, and how many "first"and last millions were dirty. And don't listen to liberals who blame Kremlin - Khodorkovsky spent over $ 300 million on propaganda after his arrest.

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