Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Who will be the audience of the IPTV?

Can you believe that the IPTV audience will reach 100 million in China by 2008? I am in a different view. My question is who will be the audience of IPTV?
Now TV is so cheap for people to get and so is the cable subscription. Also, the traditional Chinese family would like to enjoy the happiness to sit and watch TV together. It is hard to imagine how they do that in the period of IPTV. If the producer can make the computer screen as comfortable as TV for people to see, I may try but it is hard. The number of the houses owning TV and cable access are far more than the home owning Internet access in China. How can the Chinese TV provider wants to make profit from IPTV at this time?
Anyway, we can call it a preparation.

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