Saturday, January 01, 2005

What I guess is right

When President Vlamidir Putin finished his trip in China after the meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao, I talked about the result of the meeting with one of my professor and some classmates. At that time, I definitely felt that China has got some promise from Putin though the country can not achieve the plan they wanted at the beginning. I guessed that some Chinese oil company will join in the auction of Yukos, because the two parties have had a long tradition of cooperating with each other.
Now what I guess may be right. A russian official released on Thursday that they will offer 20 per cent share to China Petroleum Corp, according to International Herald Tribune. If it is true, it will certainly make the situation more complicated that who will finally owns the Yukos.
Chinese company must be satisfied if they can get the share, thought not that much. But they should be aware of the fact that the auction of Yukos is still in a big dispute between the States and Russia. Facing the injunction forbiding the auction held by a U.S. court, Russina is under great pressure of the International community. It needs the support from some major country. China, of course, is the best choice.

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