Sunday, January 30, 2005

Who remain in Iraqi to report?

Iraqi officials predicted that 8 million of the country's 14 million eligible voters would cast ballots, which would be a turnout of roughly 57 percent.--NYtimes Jan 30

The Iraq election began today. We have seen from the texts and pictures on the media saying that many Iraqi people have been to the poll stations with "great confidence that they can choose their own lives". I highly respected those reporters who are still remaining in Iraqi, but I would like to know if the election is the one reported with the lowest number of the journalists in the history. If it is, I will say I couldn't fully believe in what they are reporting now, because they could probably get limited information.

Most of the Chinese media have opened the special columns for the election, but their sources are mostly from AP, Reuster, AFP, CNN. etc. It is of course understandable because the terrorists lately warned Chinese not to come to Iraqi. But it doesn't mean Chinese reporters can get out of the responsbility to report what is indeed happening.

In fact, I am not saying I don't trust the veteran reporters in the big news agencies. But as the information becomes so abundant today, I would like to see the media full of different voices than the exclusive one, no matter the only one is right or not.

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