Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hong Kong people are full of kind heart

If I have the chance to speak the advanatages of Hong Kong people, I think one of them should be the kind and warm heart, which can be seen from the disasterous tsunami.
It is unknown that which media in Hong Kong reported the disaster. But after that, all the media organization took quick actions to do what they can. TVB, the biggest Chinese TV station, frequently broadcasted the hotline of the charity organization. Commercial radio, one of the biggest radio station, made the advertisement immediately saying that "let's do what we can to help those victims". More amazingly, the big charitial event has been held in Hong Kong Statium today, just seven days after the disaster. Chief Executive of HKSAR and several famous singers joined the event and requested people and company to contibute to helping the victims in the disaster. Hong Kong is full of the voices to help the victim country these days, which is really worth admiring.
Until now, only two HK people has lost their lives in the tsunami thought many people missed. But all of them has got much pity from the society.
Before I came to HK, I felt it is very strange for the TVB that it always broadcasted the news that someone knocked down another as the headlines. It was not important, I originally thought. But now I understand. That's because the society care every single life, no matter who he or she is, no matter what position he or she is occupying.
Someone may argue that that's because Hong Kong is too small or too weak to pay attention to the big events. But it is arguable. What I have experienced told me that it is a social responsibility making people feel that they are part of the society and they should take care of others.
If someone ask me what is democracy now, I will say taking care of every person, no matter he or she is common grasspeople or not, will be one of the most important parts.
Note: Many bloggers, including Issacmao, have posted the list of charity hotline and contacting way. But it is pity that I can't see it from the and, which are two main news aggregator in China.

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