Saturday, January 22, 2005

RSS feed failed for BlogChina

I can' receive the RSS feeds from Blogchina this week, which means something must be happening in my home country.

Though I agreed with Issac Mao that the stories on Blogchina are not real "blog" stories in its own meaning, I found many interesting points there. So I subscribed it in my blogline. Today, I found that the feeds are null, though there are many stories on its website. I know it should be another restriction.

Many teachers told me the terrible result of forgeting history after I enterred into the school. So that's why I can't help remembering the hard period when my home country was invaded by Japan and other countries. I also remember the Four Innovations, which are printing, bomb powder, paper and compass, and be proud of them all the time. But no one told me what happened 15 years before. Then, I forgot it.

I don't know it is good or not, but I always consider history is important to all human beings.

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