Sunday, July 24, 2005

Opinion_another type of "terrorism"

When 27-year-old Brazilian national Jean Charles de Menezes was shot on his way to the office, he may never think of himself as a "suspected terrorist". But this innocent young guy was dead under those "anti-terrorism" guns. (CNN's report)

British's firm decision to find the London bombings terrorists is right and aspected, but it doesn't mean it could shoot common people, even "suspected people". The whole happening is similar with the U.S.'s attack to Iraq, where the Iraq is a "suspected country" but in fact not the real terrorist.

People will always scare when the others near them die. To say, after Sep. 11 happened, after London bombings happened. So they always require their government to do something to protect them, even extreme things. It is understandable, but they should be care of their extreme feelings to evolve to "another kind of terrorism".

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