Thursday, July 21, 2005

Media_Is "virtual society" still virtual?

"One of the Internet's advantages is you could communicate with anyone including a dog". People said when Internet first developed in China.

Now you couldn't have the opportunity to chat with a dog because dogs are required to register with identity cards before chatting. Now big online service providers such as Tencent are required to ask all the users chatting with real name and identity numbers, reported Tencent's branded online chatting software is QQ, used by 150 million active users, or almost 10 percent of the total population in the nation.

It is the beginning for all Internet users in China to be required to register with their real identities. Analysts are divided into three groups, supporting, protesting and neutral. It is highlight by that Korean government will implement the "real identity" law on the Internet. The official excuse for the government is to fight with online violence.

People supporting "freedom of speech" will never bear such excuse. The point is if online users could enjoy "freedom of speech" even if they are registered with the real identity. If they couldn't, then it's a pity for the country.

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