Monday, July 11, 2005

Investing_10 rules to win "the loser's game".

If you are an amateur investor, then how you will survive in a professional investing world? Here is 10 rules given by Paul B. Farrell from Marketwatch:

(1) Never, never speculate.
Your home is not a stock.
Save lots more.
Brokers aren't your friends.
Never trade commodities.
Avoid new and exciting deals.
Bonds also ride up and down.
Never invest for tax benefits.
Write goals and stick to them.
Never trust your emotions.

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無塵工作室 said...

Agree, although they seem pretty obvious. Just want to say, speculation requires a totally different mentality than investing does. In fact, these so called rules are defined by the same underlying mentality that embeds proper investment methods - maximum risk aversion, and spread over a long timeline. If one wants quick and substantial return, then don't invest; speculate, and be prepared to lose everything.