Monday, July 04, 2005

Media_Chinese bloggers' reaction

Isaac refered me the survey by former CNN journalist Rebecca Mackinnon on Chinese bloggers' reaction to registration deadlines. After the survey, Ms. Mackinnon got an unexpected recommedation from a Chinese blogger. The blogger suggested Ms. Mackinnon to have more contact with people who live in China. "" "we can't and don't need to access all information" and he doesn't feel that he is prevented from saying what he wants" . Ms. Mackinnon wrote.

I know Ms. Mackinnon, as an American who could speak and read Chinese and live in China for a long while, my feel pretty annoyed on this comment. But I would like to say it is not strange for a blogger to say things like that. Before I study in Hong Kong, I never realized the importance of the free internet, too. I thought everything I used was already enough for me. If there's any problem, I may contribute the fault to my computer or bad local network. I lived happy at that time.

But when I went back from HK after studying for a while, I felt that I lost my freedom, coz' I couldn't visit many interesting websites I used to go to in HK. 'That's bad", I always complain to my Chinese friend now. I am not happy now.

Before you use a good service yourself, you will never say it is good, isn't it?

My American friends always told me the reason why Bush won in the second Presidential election is that not many Americans go abroad, say, 70%. So they couldn't really find what people in other countries think of the U.S. The same thing happens to China, too, when **% of Chinese haven't been abroad, too.(i don't know the exact number, but I suppose it is higher than the number in the U.S.)

I am not saying who is right or wrong, coz' all those are just different opinions based on different experience. The communication theory tells us to try to know the other party as much as you could.

So, Rebecca, do you feel a little better? hoho

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