Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Media_Fell in love with blogger.com

I always suggest people using blogger.com; not because I use it, but I really love its services, improving services.

Blogger.com is not that convenient to upload pictures at first; you could either use the "hello" software or use picture websites such as Flickr. But now pictures could be direcly posted via clicking the "image"button on the "edit toolbox". Three choices are provided for you to adjust how pictures and texts cooperate. It has solved one of my big problems.

Now, it has another service named blogger mobile. Here is an interesting piece on how to use it.

All nice things about blogger.com is you will never be bothered by those services, but always find something enjoyable. Improving services will not make a quick money, but it will make users more loyal to the website. In the era, loyalty is the most important factor for shareholders to trust the company. Have a look at Google: how much is the stock price now???


Lilya said...

that's right! blogger is so easy now, even programme idiot like me can use it.

For your other blog: blogger is banned in China?! I should have guessed. But are there substitutes?

Amy or koala said...

hoho, blogger.com is not banned. but blogspot.com is blocked. You could not use typepad.com and blogs.com. Maybe blogchina.com is a choice, but I will not suggest. hehe.

P.S. I like your photo, lily

Rossi千斤田 said...

Yep, that's why i keep using blogger.com

And, if we want to have some enhancement like category , there has some useful hack to use with.

Keep enjoy bloging!