Sunday, July 10, 2005

a friend needs helper

A friend in Shanghai needs someone who can help him to set up a blog on one of my
sites. If you are familiar with blog stuff and willing to help him(better face-to-face in Shanghai), please contact me. He would like to pay 500 yuan for the job.

This should be a simple blog, with the following characterstics:
- picture as header that I can change myself
- 3 columns, left I want to put some links, middle the text from the
blog, and right a calender, some info about myself and space for thinks
like 'book that I am reading'
- notification when new comment is posted
- possibility to post pictures from Flickr
- It does not matter to me which software is behind it, as long as I am
able to work on it from China.
-RSS feed support


Rossi千斤田 said...

Posted your msg in below mailing list. And i know some of reader located at China. Hope this help.

asiapan said...


Amy or koala said...

Thanks for you two's comment. have already suggestd my friend using