Sunday, June 05, 2005

Shanghai_first impression

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Amy arrived in Shanghai at 8pm yesterday after one hour's delay in the flight of China Southern Airline. Sitting in the bus from the airport to the downtown, I found the city's scene is more amazing and fantanstic, compared with the first time I came here.Compared with Hong kong, Shanghai's road is wider so that you could see the whole sky above your head. Millions of lights blink brightly across the Huangpu river, which splits the city into a east part and the other west one. The district of Puxi, meaning the west of the river, is one of the oldest commercial places in Shanghai, with many banks placing their headquarters here. The other part, named Pudong, is a new-developing district with more and more international companies quickly developing there.

Despite the beautiful scene, the travel experience in Shanghai is not that good. Amy has already been used to the high-quality service in Hong Kong, which is short of here. The taxi drivers never help you with the heavy suitcase, while waiters in the restaurant are kind of rude. Does it mean Shanghai still has the space to develop? I hope so.

Amy is now reporting with the tool Flickr, because is blocked here. If information couldn't freely flow, how people freely develop their ability?

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Anonymous said...

What is China Southern Airlines like? I have heard a lot about it, but never had the chance to fly on it (like most of the airlines in the world!)