Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Investing_Why is Intel so generous?

Intel Capital, investment branch of the world's largest chipmaker, will invest US$200 million in China's technology start-up companies, covering digital home technology, wireless communications and integrated circuit design.

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Intel said it has already invested in 50 Chinese companies since 1998, quoted in the Forbes story. But that is not true, according to Intel Capital's website. On its portfolio company list on the website, Amy could only find two companies clearly marked with the name "Chinese". One is Beijing TopSec Network Security Technology Ltd. Co. , a network security company, and another is
Beijing-based Longshine Information Technology, providing Internet solutions.

Why does Intel become so generous quickly? Is there anything left out by reporters?

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Anonymous said...

You missed

Comlent Technology
Ocamar Technologies
United Platform Technologies. They're all in the PRC/

(Insyde Software, RiTdisplay Corporation and Toppoloy Optoelectronics Corp would be 'Chinese' according to the Chinese government, even if the people that own them and work there might wish otherwise.)

I don't know much about what Intel capital does, but if it operates like a private equity firm, it's possible that they have invested in other companies that have gone broke, been sold, or merged with other companies.