Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Feeling Shanghai(2)

Feeling Shanghai(2)
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Shanghai is an east-meet-west place, especially in the field of art. Shanghai Fine Arts museum, near the brand People's square in the downtown, is the exact place feeling the fashion.

Guy bourdin China Tour is one of the two exhibitions of west arts on the first floor. The photographer, working for 32 years in the fashion magazine French Vogue, is one of the earliest western activists in shooting eauty-women-with-fashion-clothes photos. His early photos and short videos, show the beauty of women within common environment. For example, pictures of girl tourists on the beach show the amazing harmony between human and naturn. Later, he shot more simple fashion pictures just as the right one. With strong comparation between colors, the picture shocked viewers directly, especially in the models' exagerous actions. Photos in the exhibition are not that amazing to viewers today. But think about it, how people at that time, such as our parents, think about those pictures 30 years ago, the era without photo-editing software and digital cameras?

The Chinese exhibitions are placed in the third floor, with traditional Chinese drawings. I even saw the picture-and-story book published one hundred years ago. Many of them are my childhood favorites, such as Hong Lou Meng, one of the fourth popular fictions in China's history. Thanks for those professionals who keep drawing those books, without bothering by the stronger western culture.

Hanging around in the art museum like this often make me feel peaceful. People couldn't live without art, as well as music and dream. It is worth to spend only 20 yuan, or 2.5 US dollars, to enjoy a puring process. Then you know the direction immediately. Thanks, Shanghai.

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