Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Economy_U.S is becoming a colony of China?

When Japan rapidly grew in 1980s, Americans across the ocean fret that Japanese economy will quickly get ahead of theirs. Especially when Japanese companies aggressively purchased the popular American companies and icons, one member of Congress even warned that the United States was rapidly becoming a colony of Japan, quoted by comments on Bloomberg.

After twenty years, Japan hasn't governed the United States yet, instead, it fell into the embarassing situation of deflation. China has replaced Japan as the country scaring western people. The bloomberg columist William Pesek Jr. said American-corporate China is coming, but the success of the colony is not based on the ability to buy brands or not. The capability to manage a good brand is the most important. So it is so early to say before a Chinese company succefully maintain a American brand. TCL, a television maker in China, bought French rival Thomson in 2003 to create the larget TV maker in the world. But TCL has still tried to turn into profit from loss this year(in Chinese).

It is always cool to win a city in a fight, but hard to govern the city without the smart mind.

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