Monday, June 13, 2005

Feeling Shanghai (4)

culture of Shanghai
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Where can I find Shanghai's culture? The old narrow street in Puxi, the once downtown area decades ago, or the modern buildings accross the so-called "banking street"? Shanghai is much bigger than Hong Kong, which takes time for Amy to find its truth.

One of the most fast way to find the culture is watching the local TV. TV in Hong Kong is mixed local with international, with self-made Cantonese programmes and importing foreign TV series; TV in Taiwan is more local and entertaining; But I couldn't tell the character of TV in Shanghai. The entertainment programme is not bad, but many stars is from Taiwan or Hong Kong; Most of the TV series are similar with ones broadcasted by other provincial stations. Is that the unique Shanghai culture?

Shanghai is famous for its role as the financial center in China. But you couldn't feel it strongly unless you go to offices in the downtown. In the subway or on the street, you could only feel the sense of living. Crowds of people hang around in the park in the afternoon. Do they really have jobs? I wonder.

If Shanghai is unique, then why couldn't I find more special stars here? If Shanghai is unique, then why not more local-brand enterprises in the city? Or I must be so foolish to compare Shanghai with Hong Kong.

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