Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Feeling Shanghai (1)

Xu jiahui
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Shanghai is more beautiful than Hong Kong in terms of good view, such as wider sky and broader road. But it is not as clean as its competitor. My beautiful new pink shoes got pretty dirty after one hour's walk, which will never happen in Hong Kong.

The picture on the right is Xuhui district, one of the most fabulous places in the city, with many top office buildings and crazy bars. It is also nice to see many French parasol trees across the road, with many traditional houses around. Those houses cost a lot, for example, a house with a 200-square-meter garden costs 6000 USD per month, a dozen time more than the average salary for a white-collar worker.

The subway here is so terrible that I couldn't expect taking it another time. Crowds of people in the train, while people have to be strongful enough to get in and out. I even saw a girl who was pushed down when she tried to get out of the train. Oh, my god, it is only 4 pm, not even the busy hour when people run to offices.

Internet fire walls is still a problem. I couldn't access to Reuters and New York Times, which made my readings less enough. If you think there is something I should read, just forward stories to me.

(P.S. Dave, sorry I couldn't reply message on the exact comments for the access problem. For the airlines, here is what my travel-a-lot friend told me: "Always choose China International Airline though it has the fewest local flights; The service quality of the China Southern Airline is the worst; China Eastern Airline often get delayed in the flight time"; All of three are big national airlines, or in other words, monopoly ones.

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