Wednesday, May 25, 2005

US will be naked after cutting off garment supplies from China??

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One hundred years ago, when China was still governed by Tsing emporors, a story on the newspaper has already talked about the future of the textile production.

"The variety of the exporting places will decide the success of the textiles in China". said the story, written on the editorial column named "attachment". The "exporting" they referred to is not between the countries, but between the cities and provinces among China at that time, because the word "globalization" hasn't been that popular then.

After one hundred years, the national has already made the textile flow freely in the border. Then the overseas exporting has replaced as the factor to boost the industry. But Chinese government couldn't decide it solely as the other countries such as EU and U.S. are resisting the cheap and high-quality textile product to disrupt their nation's market.

The thing is if the trend for Chinese textile, or garments, to supply western consumers will be stopped by tariff and political disputes. In yesterday's unlinkable South China Morning Post, Jake Van der Kamp, a well-known columnist gave the statistics that China garments exports in 2004 reached the amount of US$68 billion, while all the other manufactures, including Malaysia and Thailand, are under US$6.8 billion, 10 percent of China's amounts. (The two southeastern nations are referred as the countries replacing China as the textiles providers if China revaluate the yuan, said Alan T. Greenspan, the Chairman of United States Federal Reserve. ) Mr Jake van der Kamp argued that US will be naked if it cut China off as a garment supplier.

I sent a letter to him to show my respectation of his wisdom and his understanding to what is really happening.

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