Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Google's new patent on news ranking

Google Inc. has applied for U.S. and international patents on technology to rank stories on its news site based on the quality of the news source, reported Reuters.

But sorry, Google, I personally suspect the quality of Google News, though it is based on the 4,500 news sources. I think it is too crowed sometimes without any focus. Also, it is not in a uniform style, which would add burden on my reading habit. As a journalism student, I may be a little academic. But I don't think the success of searching could be equal with the success of providing news to readers.

If I want to search something, I am doing my job. But if I read news, I want to comfortably read something, without a lot of burden. In a word, I want to pay for someone who could serve me with the most essential news in the world, without finding myself.

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