Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Media_Could CEO involve in the blogs?

USA today gave an interesting perspective on why CEO refuse to get tangled up in blogs.

--"Some large companies, including Boeing, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, are letting senior executives blog, but not a single blogger is known to be a Fortune 1000 chairman and/or CEO."

--"But despite all of the power and sway that awaits an early adopter, it's going to take a brave CEO with thick skin to enter the blogosphere."

I think the reasons are rather simple: First, CEOs are too busy; Second, they are not allowed to speak due to the rules regulating the voice of management of listed companies.

But how about if they could make good use of blogs to do a good PR job?


weewhale said...

Then they would just get their PR department to blog for them. Anyway, how many CEO's do you know that uses a computer? Ones I know get their secretaries to print their emails out for them....

YC said...

Well, here's a CEO from Singapore who's debunking those myths. Check it out:

Not a Fortune company but a CEO of a large organization no less!

Anonymous said...

I think the first reason would be the biggest one!