Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Opinion_Do people remember the same day in the history?

May 4th, is a day for Chinese youths to remember, just as May 1st was to the labors.

In the same day of 1919, over 3000 students of Peking University and other schools gathered together in front of Tiananmen Square asked for the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal revolution. The demonstrations then expanded to more than 20 provinces and over 100 cities in the nationa, reported Wikipedia. It is called "May Fourth Movement".

In the movement, students asked for the study of two Mr.s, one is Mr De( meaning Democracy) and the other is Mr Sai(meaning Science) to help China developing into a stronger country. After that, Peking University then was famous as the leader in this new cultural movement.

I am still young, in some extent, but I am so ashameful that I almost forgot this important day in China's history. Part of the reason is the day is now included in the long 7-day labor holiday in China. And part of the reason is I may miss two Mr.s.


Victor said...

One of my weaknesses is that I am very weak at history. In order to broaden my horizon, my boss always advises me to read more books not only limited to business or finance.

This may be common for the new generation, especially for HKers. In fact, a concern is that we are not quite interested in reading books in leisure.

Amy or koala said...

hoho, it's pity to hear that. I personally feel history is very important, though it sometimes a burden to most Chinese in the so-called economic development. Some people are always too proud of the five-thousand years of culturalization history, without paying attention to a new era.