Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My two cents on Thomson-Reuters deal

It's a quick deal, taking only a few weeks to finalize the US$17 billion deal for Thomson to buy Reuters. Thomson, which doesn't have the news service, could now add Reuters News into its portfolio. The target is very clear, beating Bloomberg, who has been beating Reuters on news, and beating Thomson on data. After the deal, Thomson-Reuters, will own 34 percent of the market for financial data, while Bloomberg currently has 33 percent.

However, my view is that they couldn't win just based on simply plus each other's market share. Bloomberg has got its reputation by quality news and simply user interface. I got the opportunity to use both Bloomberg and Reuters every day, and frankly speaking, the news is more structured, and the data is easily found. Don't forget that Content is always the King(look at the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times). So I would like to read more news from bloomberg because of its clear structure.

Now my question is if the deal will affect My. Murdoch's decision to buy Dow Jones. Positve, or the other side?

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