Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Be careful of a fraud Paypal email

I have a paypal account, which helped a lot when I bought a calling card online to call from U.S. And the money there was earned from writing an online column years ago.

Yesterday, I received a letter from, and it seems very scaring "Your paypal access is limited". The wrting sounds very professsoinal and sincere. What the hell is that? I thought. Then I was tempted to click the link there to find what really happened. Luckily, I checked the link before, and found it would direct to a website of, (very weird name, isn't it?) Then I learnt it is fraud.

I checked my paypal account and seems everything is fine. So friends, please be careful of the email if you receive it. Online secury is much more important than before when you have real money in.


Mr A.K. said...

This kind of crap is far from uncommon. I often recieve email notifying me that a huge amount of legacy(usually above USD 100,000) awaits my claim. The senders, alledegedly addressed as lawyers or public officers, always want my bank account. Abso-f**king-lutely fake.

PS: These swindlers are usually located in Africa or East Europe.

Amy or koala said...

That kind of email seems more common than the paypal one. not only me, but also many friends have received those emails now and then. Just couldn't help wondering what they could do with your bank account even if you provide them. don't think they could steal money from there, is it?