Friday, May 04, 2007

Finally back

After the one-month trip, I finally came back to Hong Kong, the "home" with friends and my bed. Fighting with the jet leg, It seemed I got recovered in two days, which is a bit faster than I thought.

I took the continental airline back, and met such a happy flight attendant. He, in his fifties or sixtieth, is so happy, either when he handed me the towels, or gave me another ice cream. He talked to passengers just like old friends. When he said goodbye to everyone at last, he even started singing. Such a happy person. Compared to some others, (especialy a young male attendent who has no expression in the face at all), this elder man really make travellers feel relaxed.

So here is what I learnt: love your job; if you don't love the current job, then find the one you love. Life is short, and why don't live happily?


Cole said...

Hello amy,

Glad you had a good trip to the USA. I'm the guy from Canada who voiced an interest earlier in talking to you about HKex stocks. If you would like to explore this possibility send me an email. tay(at)

Cheers, Cole

The HKex stocks I currently hold are as follows:
1076 First Natural
1123 China HK Photo
1140 Broad Intelligens
264 Chanco
2662 Fittec
2728 Shinhint
404 Hsin Chong
529 SiS
565 Ar Textile
572 Spread Prospects

Mr A.K. said...

Welcome home, Amy.

Amy or koala said...

thanks, A.K.