Thursday, January 11, 2007

TVB's move in China

TVB, the bigger one of HK's citywide TV station, seems doing a good job in covering China. At least it sent a lot of reporters in China to cover spot news. Today, when I watched the news programme at 11:30 pm, it had one journalist reporting from Anhui province on the H5N1 case, and another in Sichuang province reporting the government's response on the kidnapped workers in Nigeria. If the first one has something related with HK, then the second piece is more on the nation. That's what I always love to see. If HK starts to care about the nation, it will definitely become an important zone in China.

Another interesting point in the second piece is a provincial propoganda official said they will upload the progress to save the kidnapped workers on their wbesite. Wow, my first response is "that advance?", then I realized that all their actions are resulted from the attention of the traditional media such as TV and newspaper. So in that sense, the traditional media is still playing an important role in pushing the new media development via pushing government officials. Putting everything on the website doesn't mean we will have the most accurate and fair informations. But the TV camera in front of the officials would urge them to work a little harder.
I always thought TVB is some local TV station that couldn't be compared with Phoenix TV. But now I find it is catching up via another way. I still remember one day when my friends and me watching Phoenix's report on the city people's protection on the removing of clock tower in the old Star Ferry, the "analyst" or "expert" (I couldn't remember clearly on his title) explained as of the reason related with politics.( couldn't remember how he connected it with politics). My friend, who is a local Hong Kong, said it is totally rubbish as the clock tower is just something accompanying Hong Kong people for a long time and people just have feelings of this old tower. When Phoenix is proud of its many watchers in China, it still has a long way to go to become the top TV station in the Chinese world, including Hong Kong.

In terms of that, TVB have done a better job in reporting the kidnapped workers.

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