Tuesday, January 23, 2007

run across the familiar face

Hong Kong is small. This is the conclusion I have come with after living here for almost three years. I always run across some familiar faces, either friends or strangers or someone I know but will never say hello. For the last circustmance, I always wonder if I could meet him again and then I always will, and still just pass by without saying anything.

Today in the crowds on Queen's Road Central, I run across a familiar face again. A girl with a big hat, but her face, especially her eyes, is just so familiar. I know she is a model, but couldn't remember she has done commercials for whom. We just passed by and I know she is looking at me too(or maybe staring is a better word).

Bearing the question in mind for the whole aftertoon, I went back home looking through all my fashion magazine. Bingo, here she is, the jewllery model for Chow Sang Sang, (the girl in the yellow skirt). CSS is a Hong Kong jewllery maker. But I still couldn't find her name.

When could we have the search engine matching keywords in pictures? That will at least help me solve a lot of my questions for the passers-by.

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